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flesh for the beast score

Started by casey thompson larcade, January 28, 2006, 07:23:34 am

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casey thompson larcade

Will the Flesh For The Beast score/soundtrack ever become available for purchase. This is a great score worthy of being sold to all of Travis Dickerson and Buckethead fans.


Was that the album that he worked with Vai in?

I heard that there is a soundtrack that buckethead did, and in the special features you can see a clip of him and Vai working together. Maybe it wasn\'t Flesh of the Beast, but i think there was one...

Just curious...


You\'re thinking of the Ghosts of Mars soundtrack. Vai and Bucket both contribute, and Bucket is on the special features of the DVD, but not with Vai. They didn\'t play on any of the same songs, as I recall, and Bucket only contributes to a couple of songs (which feature Anthrax and Robin Finck as well).

Flesh for the Beast was a score that Bucket and Travis did. The movie came out on DVD but the score has never been released.


Oh...hehe thanks, i got that a bit wrong  :-[  , well then I guess I will have to check out both of those...

was the movie any good?


It was pretty terrible i thought. It did have Natasha Henstridge though :)


I haven\'t watched it since it came out because I didn\'t like it (the film), but from what I remember (correct me if I\'m wrong) some of the music is on Cuckoo Clocks in slightly different forms. And the theme is obviously on Dawn of the Deli Creeps. And Natasha Henstridge wasn\'t in it.

But yeah, I\'d also love a proper score CD.


September 27, 2006, 02:02:38 pm #6 Last Edit: September 27, 2006, 02:06:33 pm by Bonescan
I thought he was asking whether Ghosts of Mars was any good, my bad. I\'ve never seen Flesh For The Beast.


Sorry, I should have said which movie I meant  ;D


Buckethead is going to be the guy who rewrote the book on guitar technique.