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Viggo\'s This That and The Other

Started by Travis, December 16, 2004, 10:22:11 pm

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December 16, 2004, 10:22:11 pm Last Edit: December 16, 2004, 10:30:04 pm by admin
It just arrived, The collection of tracks from all the out of print Viggo CD\'s.
Order herehttp://tdrsmusic.com/moforderform.html
A little more info here http://tdrsmusic.com/viggo.htm
I\'ll add a more detailed track listings in a bit.



Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. ~  R.A. Heinlein


 :-[ Where in the state of Maine can I find Viggo\'s work?  Besides online?
Single mom looking for intelligent conversation online.


This is almost four days after i place an order  :-/

But i had to get a cd for my art teacher, so all is well.  just an extra three dollars.

Chris DiCicco

Dig this, ordered from PP..a.. friday and did my thing and went over to the mailbox an presto! there it was, Travis I  Love the tracks and snippets of poams, but sadly no Hobbits were on the outtacks.
but maybe the Hobbits will release something mimicing the rat pack er a vocal album er somthing.

The Hobbit Pack! Hmmm sounds sorta Vegasy or like a pack of ciggy\'s... falls out of chair with laughter.

The Exosphere  2013


I just got my copy and as I was listening and looking at the track listing, I was wondering on which cd\'s all of the tracks were originally published...and lo and behold Travis already had all of the info listed on his site.  Saved me alot of time researching...Thanks Travis.  ;)


I am so happy with this new CD!
There is so much variety and "meat" here it\'ll take a while for me to ingest it appropriately. There\'s poetry, stories, asides, instrumentals, spanish, danish, OMG-english, wailing, even an "up your ass"-- a veritable smorgasbord.
But, Travis, might you take a lille ride out there and see where the holiday happiness went man?


 yes, Viggo is everything!!

 Edjane Maps

  :-* :-* ;D :-*
edjane maps :)


I must say, Bill Moseley, Jack Black, and Viggo are my heroes.

Two of the three both write, act, and do stuff with buckethead!

The other one hangs out backstage at buckethead shows and act!

That\'s my dream: act, write, and jam with buckethead/hang out with him.


I think this is a great compilation, especially if you don\'t own any other of Viggo\'s cd\'s.  It gives you a little taste of everything.

Chris DiCicco

 ;D :D ;D :D Blasted this that and the other , this morning ( I can\'t hear so well anymore) and love the Chicken Surgery sounds DCKish (hint hint) maybe Viggo could guest on DCK 4 along with Travis, Oh Henry or Hank too, just an Ideer nuttin set in stone just Peanut butter an jelly.

Viggo Rocks, " And a 4th age began in Middle earth "....

The Exosphere  2013


Santa stuck this in among my Christmas treasures and i am just tickled fuschia!  i love it!!

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved


A few days before Christmas I ordered the CD and a few t-shirts at PP. After returning from the Holidays, lo and behold, in my mailbox there was the CD and t-shirts. Did Santa drop it off on his way by my house? Sure was here in a jiffy. (sorry Travis, I wanted the t-shirts too and so made one order from PP. There are other things I want from your store and with a little Holiday cash I will splurge here too!)
I love the CD as there are some favorites plus some new ones to keep me enthralled.
The spoken work can be so powerful when you can hear and feel the energy and passion in the voice. I reccommend Beyond Baroque 2 to really feel the passion in poetry. I was so taken with many of the participants on that CD and what they had to say. Shivers up and down my spine.
Thanks to all of the artists that keep me entertained.



I got my copy of THIS, THAT and THE OTHER today. I went to Spain before the release and was worried about that all copies would be sold out when I got back...fortunately they weren\'t. I have listened to half of it and so far it is good. Even the music sound as music, compared to the last two releases....

I just love the sound of his voice reciting his poems. I can almost feel what he felt when he wrote them. Maybe because I am almost halfway through my life too, therefor have similar experiences both personally and during my professional life.

I wish you all a happy new year and take care of each other.

Pax Vobiscum