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lets review this 1 more Bucket of bernie Brains

Started by DragonSon, January 27, 2006, 08:16:31 pm

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i enjoyed the big eye ball in the sky,it\'s jammy and moveable,bernie worrell is amazing a circus freak,brain is a head basher,claypool a modern western cowboy,buckethead a galactic  odyssey.
i love the whole album i gave it 5 stars.

Steve McKagan

Dragon>>> Why don\'t you come over to www.buckethead.tk ? instead of spamming this quiet board?


yeah dude i know your excited but in like the last 2 days you have made like a billion subjects about practicly nothign anyone is going ot respond to I think its time you take a chill pill and hold back on writing everything that pops into your head on here


January 27, 2006, 09:21:58 pm #3 Last Edit: January 28, 2006, 07:27:19 pm by change+suffocation
Easy dragon...


Don\'t get mad at him boys and girls, he\'s an enthusiastic guy, that\'s all. :)


Personally, i think the album is great! The song Ignorance is Bliss is amazing. The cool sound behind it, the interesting lyrics, and THE SOLO ROCKED!

By the way I don\'t know if this subject really relates to TDRS as it was not one of the projects done there (i don\'t think so at least) But either way great album!


My heart nearly stopped then. I thought Dragonson had returned.