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Dawn of the Deli Creeps

Started by 555_666, September 23, 2006, 11:36:42 pm

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This one is for my main man Travis.  :)

I know people have probably asked you this question before, but do you have any info on the 2005 Deli Creeps album? What I mean is, do you know what happened to it, and is it ever going to make its way to your site for purchase?

Any info would help. And like always Travis, thanks for being there and listening to everyone and all our dumb little questions. It helps!  ;D


I was actually wondering if there were Dawn of the Deli Creeps albums out there for sale? If so, where?

Thank You!


When it was released i bought it on their website.
Then after a while they took it of the website again.
I don\'t know why this was done.
What I understand it\'s still being sold at Buckethead-shows.
So it doesn\'t seem to be OOP.
Anyway I\'m glad I got it before they stoped selling it on the site.


If you do a search for the Deli Creeps here you will find a long tortured history, starting from the conception of the idea of making the record through its long disjointed making and and now it\'s distribution. At every turn over the years when answering questions about this project my most informed guesses turn out not to happen or go badly to the point where I just have to shut up. Thats hard for me since my natural inclination when asked for help is to help if I can.
Here\'s what I know as of now. The CD is not out of print. Copies of it are out on Buckethead\'s tour and are stored somewhere. I have been informed at various times that copies would be made available here, but so far that has not happened.
I think it has to be kept in mind that the chemistry that make the Creeps the intriguing beloved beast that it is also adds to the practical difficulties we have seen over the years. You will eventually get your hands on a copy and when you do know you are holding a piece of the Creeps rich pageant.


Well, i am going to see him play soon, I will remember to look for it.

Thank you for responding!!!