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What must I choose ?

Started by Aquabot, May 05, 2006, 05:42:26 pm

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Hi all, I plan to buy a new Buckethead album but I don\'t know which one yet. I hesitate between : "Colma", "Funnel weaver" and "Population override". Help me and tell me the one you\'d choose (among the three) and why. :)


May 05, 2006, 06:36:24 pm #1 Last Edit: May 05, 2006, 06:37:58 pm by DragonSon
tough one but i would go with colma,it has the most haunting music i\'ve ever heard,it\'s one of bucketheads best albums all the songs have a creative field,at times it feels like a twilight zone of dreams,when i hear this album i\'m so in a zone where i\'ve never been,go with colma then population override which is also amazing equaly.

Steve McKagan

May 05, 2006, 08:05:40 pm #2 Last Edit: May 05, 2006, 08:06:05 pm by SteveMckagan
You won\'t be disappointed with none of them.

Colma is a classic, and a must have.
Population Override is a nice collab with Travis with some really emotionally soloing.
Funnel Weaver is kind of crazy, 49 songs with different kinds of trippy riffs  :)

Hope that helped!


hi aquabot,

do you have  the elephant mans alarm clock ? if not, I´d say take this one. buy it right here at travis´store. you will so love it!

the other three cd´s are easily available in europe.  but if I had to choose, man, difficult, I like them all.

funnel weaver is like an audio sketch book to me. 49 tracks on 1 hour playtime. cool riffs, ideas of songs ...

colma is plain wonderful. if you like electric tears, then you´re there. sweet ,soft ...

population override has this wonderful "thanatopsis" overall feel to me. one of my personal all time favs.

I see, I´m not much of a help. I have them all, and I´m glad about it.

 so, in conclusio :

just pick one according to your actual feeling and buy the others later....
bc, you will buy them, you know it..... buckethead is highly addictive.... ;D
official hippie hell survivor


I would flip a coin between Population Override & Colma, they are both some of the best sounds your ears will ever have the pleasure of hearing.
Funnel Weaver is cool...kinda like he was just experimenting with different drum beats or something. I was thinking the other day that maybe it was his first experimentations with a 7 string guitar cuz it\'s pretty crunchy :)


It doesn\'t matter which one you buy first my friend. If you\'re like the rest of us, you\'re gonna end up with all of them. :P


QuoteIt doesn\'t matter which one you buy first my friend. If you\'re like the rest of us, you\'re gonna end up with all of them. :P

hahaha exactly but like everyone else its either colma or population, population has a jazzy type feel to it which is nice and colma is great in everyway but like d6 said get elephant mans alarm clock if you dont have it.Its magical 8)


There is something very special about Population Overide.


OK, thank you for the help.

Quotedo you have  the elephant mans alarm clock ? if not, I´d say take this one
I ordered it as soon as I saw it was available at TDRS, I should receive it soon along with Anatomize.

Apparently Colma is a must have to everyone here, so I\'ll follow you recommendations and buy that record. And yes d6, I\'ll buy the others later cause:
Quotebuckethead is highly addictive
 ;D Thank you again.


"There is something very special about Population Overide."

IMO, this comment could be applied to any other Buckethead release mentionned here (and probably everything he has recorded).

Colmatose, you\'re so right ! Aquabot is going to buy them all anyway... I would say the first one to buy is the one that is available now, and may not be available later... That\'s how I personnally plan my CD purchases.
Between those three albums, which one is going to be OOP first ? I have no clue. Perhaps Funnel Weaver ? There is certainly another older CD that you\'re missing Aquabot, that may be more difficult to find than those 3 in the near future... My advice is to consider this in your "purchase strategy".
You may have to buy something now that one will consider "less important" than Colma, but at least you\'ll save a copy for yourself and you won\'t regret it.


aquabot man your in for a treat with elephant mans alarm clock, and anatomize, plus if you order colma! It will be a musical heaven


May 06, 2006, 01:10:52 pm #11 Last Edit: May 06, 2006, 01:11:11 pm by Aquabot
Bornalive has a good point, which album will disappear first ? I think Colma and Population will be there longer than Funnel weaver. :-/OH I\'m totally confused now. ;D As for older CDs, I miss Bucketheadland 1, Pieces and a thing called Experimental clothing stories, anyone\'s heard about this latter ?


May 06, 2006, 03:19:07 pm #12 Last Edit: May 06, 2006, 03:21:32 pm by admin
I\'d like to try to clear up something I see often on the board. That is OOP CD\'s.
It\'s true that there are a number of Buckethead CD\'s that are OOP, these CD\'s were either put out by small labels that have gone under or the rights are held by interests that have chosen not to repress them because they believe it would not be finically viable.
However Cobra Strike 13th, CSII, FW, and anything on ION will not be going out of print. What happens is the pressing runs out and the supply that the distributor has begins to trickle down and you see it dry up a various sources. Usually, once it hit a certain percentage the CD is repressed. Thats why for instance you can find CSII on Amazom (which is really a clearing house for lots of various retailers) and not here, because the distributor is waiting on the other retailers stock to get down to a certain level. CD\'s like Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse and others on labels that are now gone are still owned by somebody that has the assets of those companies. Whenever we can we will try to reacquire the rights to distribution on the truly OOP stuff, it\'s a complicated and often frustrating process.

P.S. CSII has been repressed and we should have it and CS13th and other ION pressings back in stock soon.


May 06, 2006, 03:27:47 pm #13 Last Edit: May 06, 2006, 03:29:03 pm by Bucketbot1031
Aqua, I would go with Population Override it is definently a album with a lot of emotion on guitar, and Travis\' playing is just sick on it.  When I got that cd it was in my player for about two months straight and it still hasn\'t gotten old.  Colma is an amazing cd but the trio playing on P.O. just go together perfectly.


Well, I\'m glad I wrote this mistake about OOP stuff, so my thoughts got fixed. Thank you Travis.