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Deli Creeps

Started by Frump, February 01, 2005, 03:16:11 am

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Anything happening with the creeps as of late? I saw the tease video of Bob laughing on bucketheadland.com, plus the button that says "Dawn of the Deli Creeps" I\'m dying to hear/see them again.

If nothings going down with them, or you can\'t comment, is there at least a way to get to the random killings mp3 that used to be on the download page anymore? I lost it a while ago, and want to hear it and show some friends. Thanks for any info.


Obviously there is something Deli Creepy going on. All the things your asking about are related. I can\'t really comment because most of this is as mysterious to me as it is to everyone else. I would just keep your eye on Bucketheadland.com for announcements, if I get any definitive word I\'ll post it here. Sorry I can\'t be more helpful.


I know Travis knows something. remember...he\'s one of them  ;)


"he\'s one of them" - that\'s just too funny!

To even contemplate his mastery of the Keys AND his playing/companionship with Buckethead; well, it just really screws me up.

I\'ll patiently wait.


as herbie says, "i\'ll wait.....i\'ll wait........i\'ll wait.....i\'ll wait"  :P


there going to have such a "nice" BBQ ;)


Well, thanks for the reply Travis.. sucks I won\'t be able to get the random killings mp3, I hope they do whatever they are planning to do soon.. it\'s got me all excited, heh.



I just go CUCKOO for the Deli Creeps!! Hopefully Travis can get some mixin\' or masterin\' for the Creeps...

Boom Sha Ka!