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Elephant Mans Alarm Clock

Started by Travis, April 20, 2006, 08:36:04 pm

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I\'ve added The Elephant Mans Alarm Clock to the store order page here:
This is a Pre-order and will ship on 4/30.
Any other CDs combined on this order will be held till EMAC ships.
This CD, Inbred Mt. Island of Lost Minds, the Deli Creeps are not limited editions, hoarders and ebayers should be warned, I will have a store on ebay staring next week with buy it now prices on everything we sell for the same prices we sell them for here.


[size=32][glb]GO GET \'EM, TIGER!!![/glb][/size]

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved


Awesome! That\'s great news Travis! Both for the stocking of EMAC and also the setting up of the eBay store to stop these ridiculous auctions for easily available stuff.

[glb]One question though[/glb] - You mentioned the Deli Creeps CD and their website is down so I can\'t buy the CD from there. Will it be available here?


Something will be worked out on the Creeps, they are not OOP.


great news!!! thanks alot.

I can hear a sigh of relief by many bots around. :) :) :)
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Thanks for your efforts in making BH affordable and available for all Travis!


i need some advice i\'m gonna see buckethead on friday so i have only $15 for the elephant man\'s alarm clock,now i here that album will be available here,but i wanna buy the deli creeps album as well what should i do?


travis i\'m hoping you\'ll have deli creeps,holy light shine on me bring me thy cd. ;D


awesome news travis, alot of bots are extatic over this!! and the lazy e-bay people will probably be thanking you for years to come!!
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Travis, I wish I could  :-* for real.


Awesome, and as predicted...  

This album is seriously good, anyone who\'s even remotely thinking about picking it up should, before they disappear.  

Maybe one of his best ever, in fact, IMO, and right along the same lines as Inbred Mountain, if that helps to provide reference for anyone.  


i\'ll be sincere i finally bought it at the hollywood show which was the craziest show ever,i feel inbred mountain is special this album might take a few listens before i can get in to it.


Thanks Travis!!

I saw Buckethead in Milwaukee and forgot all about Merchandise.  IThe show was so great I had a brain fart or something.



ok after listening to this album 4 one whole week i like it now it\'s realy one of the best but inbred mountain 2 i like both.

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