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Started by Travis, November 20, 2004, 08:13:54 pm

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A few words on the new board format. Thank you all for your suggestions as to how to improve this board. Many of you have suggested old topics to move from the general category to their respective new categories. After having gone through some of the topics I have decided to leave those posts where they are till someone posts a new message in one. Once I see there is new interest in a topic I\'ll move it to the right place. I think this will help keep the clutter to a minimum. As to what categories to post new messages, if a new message is at least started under the right category I don\'t care if the discussion meanders. If it\'s started in the wrong category, I\'ll move it to the right one. I don\'t think a FAQ for this boards use is necessary, I\'ve always hoped for it to be fairly free ranging and as I stated elsewhere I expect the character of this forum to change continuously over time as various projects done here evolve, that will be a sign of it working successfully. I\'ll sticky this for a short bit, if anyone has question or suggestions post them here and after a bit I\'ll delete this topic.



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It all looks & sounds good to me, Travis.  ;D
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I\'ve been gone for a while and see that things have changed here. I think it is a good idea for the new setup and now I know where to go to get what I want. I first came here for the music and will keep coming back for it, and now when I want to look at other thinks, I can do that too. Thanks Travis.



I too have been swamped by other things of late, and have not been able to pop in as much. I think the new set up will make it much easier to see what each thread is about, with out having to read through it all.

Thanks for the escape to a place where people actully think!  :-*
Beatnik  8)


 :D Yes, Good idea Travis!

      Thank you very much!!

      Edjane Maps
        :-* :-* :-*
edjane maps :)



Hey All!

I have also been floating all over creation lately and haven\'t made any posts in a while. I totally dig the new layout! Thanks for thinking of everyone and for keeping this a well ran board. You do a great job and I\'m sure it\'s a lot of work, especially in addition to your business and your music. I sincerely appreciate all you do for us.



I don\'t quite know where to jump in here.  This seems like a pretty general area.  I\'m the new kid.
Be happy while you're living for you're a long time dead- Scottish proverb


Hi, Travis,
  Can you email me and let me know when a good time to hop on the forum is?  It would be much appreciated!  Or anyone else, for that matter.  I\'ve never used a forum before but after reading what is written here, I am looking forward to interacting a bit with you all.
Take care and be safe!
Be happy while you're living for you're a long time dead- Scottish proverb


No appointment necessary. Just react to any posts you have comments for or start a post in the appropriate category. That\'s all there is to it.


travis is right.. come on when you want reply and make topics.. have fun and most of all WELCOME TO THE TDRSMUSIC FORUM!



image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved