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Started by DroidHunter13, November 06, 2019, 03:29:03 am

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Hey Travis, I hope you have been well. I saw on Facebook you've been building a new studio, and honestly, I can't wait to see what the future holds for it.

I know you're busy with that, but I was just thinking recently about a time that Axiology was going to be pressed on vinyl if there were enough preorders. I was starting to think, with vinyl sales on the rise, would it be a possibility of having albums that were recorded at TDRS pressed on vinyl? Whether it's Thanatopsis albums, Iconography, Dragons of Eden, Owl Dives, or Gorgone...I don't expect it to happen but I think it could definitely spark interest.

What are your thoughts?


Wow, you blew the dust of this place and posted something. Thats cool. I check in once in a while and have kept the forum really as as archive. With the end of CDs and the ability to generate any income from music my interest have been channeled elsewhere. Thats not to say I haven't been doing music, I just don't know what to do with it.

 But, the new studio is coming along and I have been working with all my usual collaborators in the temporary studio in my house. Viggo and I have been working on the score to his new film, thats what I was doing in London a few weeks ago. The results should be of interest to all those that used to frequent this place.
Hopefully it will lead to some new projects.

 At least the Viggo project can be heard on big screens everywhere. But the rest I'm just not sure. Once the studio is done I plan on revisiting alternative ways of distribution. I think when you see stories like, vinyl records are outselling CDs thats only indicative of how far Cds have fallen. However, I have been thinking about it. I'm kind of interested in releasing a new project as vinyl only. But I do have a really cool catalog that something should be done with.

The problems are, its expensive to press vinyl and it requires selling them for stupid prices. The sweet spot for pricing music verses the cost to make them that was easy with Cds just isn't there. Its too pricey for people not willing to pony up that kind of cash causing the cost to those who are too pay too much. The other problem with repressing CDs to vinyl is, CDs held so much more music then vinyl there is not room on a single disc to hold the content of a CD. So you end up in this odd problem of having too mush music for a single disc and not enough for double.

One of the things I miss about this forum is the feedback about the demand for things. You may remember Thanatopsis Requiem that did not go well and was the last thing I produced for this label. But I'm opened to opinions. So hopefully the first part of next year I'll be revamping this sight, my Facebook presence and new projects and distribution ideas. Thanks for posting. 


Awesome to get input from you. We are friends on Facebook, but I figured the easiest way to reach out would be here (while also allowing others to chime in instead of it being one-on-one).

I figured it would be more expensively press vinyl. Suppose there was a strong interest for it, and a presale actually went well for a vinyl release...could it be done? Was considering maybe using the power of Facebook to generate interest. 

I miss the days when this was the go-to place to discuss music. I still check in every now and then. I think I have a few CD's I need to purchase from here, too...

Also, I can't believe Requiem didn't do well! The Thanatopsis music (ESPECIALLY Axiology), to me, is so pure. I don't remember it not doing well but I do remember how hyped I was when it was announced/released, I didn't even think it was real. I have all of those CD's. I even just recently bought a copy of the first Thanatopsis signed by you, Buckethead, and Ramy.

Glad I could clear the dust off here!  :)