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Review of Shadows Between the Sky

Started by sulee154151, January 22, 2016, 01:50:43 am

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Wow what a great CD.  If you like it now just wait till you throw on the headphones.  I felt like I was swimming through the tunes.

I would say that the style of this recording is much like Colma, A Real Diamond in the Rough, and Electric Tears.  Its more up beat than all of them but still a very mellow recording.  The drum and bass work stand out more on this recording and I feel that\'s where I get this upbeat feeling.  The tempos are about the same as the other recordings it just seems to be more dynamic.  Bigger booms when things kick in, changing up the beats and the bass lines create a varied atmosphere of chill.   

Thank you Buckethead for creating another recording that will affect my soul.