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Axiology Repress?

Started by bingeneer, January 10, 2015, 10:03:48 pm

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Repress Axiology

Press it on vinyl, I'll buy one.
53 (86.9%)
Repress the CD, I'll buy that.
6 (9.8%)
Already have the CD, not interested in either.
2 (3.3%)

Total Members Voted: 61


I would buy a vinyl pressing, depending on how much shipping to europe costs. I would love some vinyl pressings of other buckethead albums.


Fugitive Formally Known As P4B say he is Down with buying one


I'd buy both a vinyl and CD copy, Axiology's one of my favorite instrumental albums  :)

ultra plinian

Regardless of the debate if CDs are still viable in today's digital download world, vinyl is very much still alive for us collectors and music eclectics. It's like a fine wine and a very special way to recognize the anniversary of any classic album. Axiology deserves that treatment. It is definitely among my favorite albums. I would buy two. One for myself and another as a gift to the person who introduced me to Thanatopsis, and Buckethead for that matter, so many years ago. :)


I just registered to vote and say I'd absolutely buy a vinyl press. I'd buy 2!


I would gladly purchase a vinyl for my wall.


I would purchase 3 copies of vinyl, 2 for me and 1 for my friend, voted!


I just signed in to this forum to say this: I would buy 2 of em! (even though I don't have a turn table yet)


lookin good so far, remember most of these votes are for people who want 2  :D


Just came from TK to sign up and vote.  2 copies for me and 2 more of any other Big B albums your willing to do.  Colma, Electric Tears, Electric Sea, Population Override, It's Alive, Shadows Between The Sky, etc.  2 OF EACH in vinyl!!!  I'm on a tight budget being permanently disabled but I would gladly lay down some greenbacks to get Big B vinyl and support TD and Big B's music.


on vinyl , on vinyl , please...


By appreciating (for a long time) this decennial artistic contribution, including any axiological (όντας αξιολογικόν παράγωγον) textures and connotations that emanate from its exceptional musical quality, I can only express my support to any recording medium, either vinyl or CD.

Thank you very much for all the axiological peregrinations Travis.


doing my best to keep the VC topic bumped.

please spread the word on other forums and social media!

thx all!


If its done up on vinyl I would buy 3


Count me in.  It would give me an excellent excuse to dust off the turntable.  8)
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