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The Shores of The Molokai anyone?

Started by DeathCubeUK, November 05, 2014, 12:05:16 am

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Hi all.. It's been 3 years since I posted on here (a Crime Slunk Scene, I know!)..but I always enjoy a read of the forum.

I'm asking a huge favour I know, but I hope one of you kind bots can help? What seems like years ago now, I purchased the first few Pikes as they were released (1 to 7, then 13 etc.).

I purchased 6&7 around the time of my friends birthday (a buckethead fan, but had no pikes), so when they arrived I thought I would give them to him as a gift and purchase them again for myself at a later date (you can guess where this is going I bet!).

Needless to say, I've recently been trying to add to my collection, even purchasing a few more from TDRS that I hadn't yet purchased (thanks Travis) - I always keep an eye on the Pikes but to my horror I just went to order Balloon Cement & The Shores of the Molokai and had not realised I had waited so long, pike 7 has sold out!!

I am a complete fool, I know, but if anyone has a spare they would be willing to sell for a reasonable price I would be so so grateful. There is one on eBay for $60+ : ( I live in the UK if there's any UK bots that can help, but if not, I would of course cover any shipping/handling.

Sorry for the long post..I know it's a long shot, but I wanted to explain prproperly as it is a genuine request to help out a fellow fan, as I was hoping to eventually have a physical copy of each pike (when they are eventually all released).

Thanks all, Best Regards (see what I did there??)  ;)


November 05, 2014, 02:30:40 pm #1 Last Edit: November 05, 2014, 02:40:20 pm by MuldeR
That is annoying for you :-\

Didn't know that The Shores of Molokai is out of stock. But it seems it goes for $50 on eBay already:

I also missed a few Buckethead releases in the past that are pretty much impossible to obtain (for a sane price, I mean) nowadays. Good luck for you though. Maybe this Pikes CD will be in stock again at some point...

(BTW: I'm still hoping for all  the other "regular editions" that have been announced but not released yet too. Maybe after #100 is out ;D)
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Sorry, i can't help you. All i can say is: Good luck, bot!  ;)

Love the name btw, very clever.


Thanks both, I really appreciate your replies. I did see the $50 copy on eBay, but sadly the shipping to the UK is $28 and I would have to pay a further $14 import tax, making 1 standard $10 pike a whopping $92! It makes my eyes water, especially since I ordered it and held it in my hand for $10  :(

MuldeR - I know, there's nothing worse is there? Fingers crossed some more copies are made available like you say. You might be right about physical copies after #100. It worries me that the remaining 80+ will be released in one go! I don't have a spare $800+ lol.

Maxen - Thank you my friend, appreciate the good luck  :) and thanks for your compliment, I have to say it made me smile when I thought of it.

All the best  :D



Awesome! I'd almost given up on it. Still looking, message sent! Thanks man : )