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"In Memoriam of Nancy York Carroll" Card [done]

Started by PawnBot, July 13, 2014, 06:43:30 pm

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July 13, 2014, 06:43:30 pm Last Edit: August 02, 2014, 04:49:09 am by PawnBot
This is bucketfel's post from the TK, not mine. But you bots need to participate in this too! Thanks to those who give some kind words.

We all already know the tragic event that happened recently on Buckethead's life. His mother passed away recently and as fans, we try to empathize with our favourite artists when something happens to them. I'm sure everyone reacted differently to the news but i can say that almost everyone had a similar emotion of trying to cheer up Buckethead or at least show him that the memory of her own mother will not go away easily.
In hopes of trying to convey our sympathies to Buckethead and his family, we have decided to make an "In Memoriam" card in honor of her mother and to try to cheer up Buckethead.

We are trying to recreate the "Get Well" card that Hexachord made years ago when Buckethead was having medical issues. He made a gorgeous card using the artwork of A Real Diamond in the Rough and messages from the community, then printed it and mailed it to him (through TDRS Music if i recall correctly).
I haven't seen Hexachord in a long time so i decided to take the reins on this little project.

So, this is how its going to work. There are two major things to deal with, the content of the card and the card itself. For the card, i was thinking all day of what reminded me most of Buckethead's mom. She has been very influential in his life, and one thing popped up on my head repeatedly. Crime Slunk Scene. The artwork at the back of the album was painted by Buckethead's mom. If you guys like, we can use that artwork in the card. The other choice would be an original artwork and we could ask someone from the facebook.tk to provide it for us. Personally, id love to use the CSS back cover as it is more representative of Ms. Carroll.

As for the content, since I'm going to be printing everything and mailing it with my own pocket money, I'm trying to ensure what is the most fair way to handle this that isn't going to blow a cannon-sized hole on my wallet. Because there is so many of us, every user will be entitled to ONE single comment on the card. Every user who wishes to have his comment added to the card WILL be added to the card. If there is no space, a second card will be made, and a third, etc... Until everyone's comment was incorporated. As for content itself:
* Try to keep it short and simple. A sentence or so would be ideal as to get as many people in as we can. I will not add a paragraph long comment onto the card. That is too long and takes away a lot of space for everyone else.
* You can also ask for your comment to be added on a certain color. Ranges of colors will be decided once the card has been made
* You can only submit one comment onto the card. That being said, if you have a change of heart, you will be able to modify that comment any number of times until a certain date (to be announced later) when ill have to stop it and get everything ready for printing. If you do change your comment, don't make a new post. Edit the original one and HIGHLIGHT that it was modified and WHEN it was modified. That way i can keep track of the most recent version of everyone's posts.
* Updated versions of everyone's messages will be added daily (hopefully). It is your job to check that it was correctly added to the card. I don't want to mess up your message.

If i think of anything else, ill add it to this post. Specific dates for shipping and the closing of comments will be made available later, when we have figured out all the details of making the card, colors, and all that stuff. But feel free to add your messages right now while figure out everything.
I'm hoping to have this done in a week or two so that it can arrive in a "timely" manner to Buckethead.

Users whose messages have been added:
Everyone on this thread, the facebook group, buckethead coop, and reddit up to July 13th posts

The project will close as soon as the card is filled or if nothing major happens in a week from now. Please, if you havent written (and want to do it) i urge you to do it NOW

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In Search Of The

If this is the one sent around Reddit, I've already added a message as "Motherstep". It's still such a massive impact and I'm so happy so many people have added messages.


Thank you for letting me know about this. I added a message for him right away.


Yeah, bucketfel has this on reddit and the coop and FB. but figured i would just share it here also. Would be cool to see travis get in on this (nudge nudge)  ;D

Thanks for the comments guys.
BR #560
SC #224
LE Art #203 - #197
LE Christmas CD


please add this to the card - dear buckethead your music as comforted me in troubling times i hope you find peace inside


Quote from: kbay on July 17, 2014, 10:32:48 pm
please add this to the card - dear buckethead your music as comforted me in troubling times i hope you find peace inside

"Your music as comforted me in troubling times i hope you find peace inside - kbay"
^^^Posted just like this.

Read more: http://bucketheadland.proboards.com/thread/30389/memoriam-nancy-york-carroll-final?page=7&scrollTo=677127#ixzz37rs4zoRA

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SC #224
LE Art #203 - #197
LE Christmas CD