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Started by Travis, July 05, 2014, 05:21:40 pm

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We just finished recording a new song and documented it on video. In the video section here:


Brilliant work, guys!

Will this be on Les filles dans les nuages ?


Thanks Maxen,

No that's a whole other project that DJ and I did.  Theses recent videos are from the project i'm doing with my brother and is more related to The Owl Dive than anything else I've done. When we have done enough tracks I may do a CD and or DVD of all the tracks/videos.


Thanks for sharing the new clip, Travis. It's always great to hear something new from you guys! 8)

(Looking forward to a CD or DVD for this project)
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Yeah!!  Great stuff, Travis.  This is an inventive style of video and it's fun to watch.  Music = top notch, as usual.  I'm glad you are continuing with The Owl Dives music and your superb lead piano playing.  The stand-up vocals were cool, too.  You've got a very talented group of musicians and I'm in for whatever comes next!