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Started by DroidHunter13, April 11, 2014, 03:27:09 pm

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Check it out...there's some cool stuff to find!

Hey Travis...if there is an extra copy of Shadows Between the Sky, you should TOTALLY reserve one for me  ;)
This is so cool though. I have pretty much everything there except for the Viggo CD and the original Enter the Chicken. I'll have to be on that page like a hawk to see if anything I don't have pops up!


Stuff on this page is from sellers who don't want to go through ebay for whatever reason. I don't have any stock, when an item is out of stock here it means I've sold them all, this is from private sellers and it's only one and twos of stuff. So I should also mention that stock I have on other CDs is going fast. Mostly a handful of copies.
I would say if there is anything in stock we have you need, don't wait, it will be gone soon. Repressing's are probably not going to happen, at least not right away and perhaps never. I would like to keep stock on all TDRSmusic releases but even that is proving difficult as far as CD copies, it may soon all be download only.

As for collectables. I do own a few things I may part with, very odd stuff but I'm doing spring cleaning and may add to the page and clean up a bit around here.