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Population Override is Back in Stock

Started by DroidHunter13, April 07, 2014, 03:39:08 pm

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Awesome to see this back in the store Travis. Will there be anything else popping up in the near future? Or is this all for now?!/~/product/category=813535&id=35566353


I have a limited stock of PO for now. In fact every CD here is probably on a limited to stock on hand. As has probably been obvious for the last couple of years the bottom has fallen out of CD demand. We first noticed when there was no demand for re-pressings.  Now it hardly makes sense to press at all.  Most of the demand is for digital downloads. There is core base that loves to collect but it has fallen below the threshold of the minimum CD pressing. So boutique CDR one offs is what you are seeing. I may explore CDs on demand but that will mean CDRs instead of stamped CDs if there is a demand for that. I may try a few titles to see if there is any interest.
The landscape for music distribution has changed radically in the last few years. My advise is if you find a CD of something you want to collect, buy it now, it probably will not reappear at least not in the CD format.

So yes, I have some POs, I would like to try to keep stock for at least the CDS I'm on, PO, Thanatopsis and so on but good old school CDs may become a thing of the past.
As always if you want me to sign your CD just ask in the comments section of the order form and I'm happy to do it.


Well, it's great to see such a great album back on the store, even though I already own a copy. It gives other collectors a chance to own a signed copy. Is Axiology next to be restocked? That's seriously one of the greatest albums of all time. (I already own a copy, but like I said, other collectors have a chance at owning it).


Axiology is a really tough call for me. I really hate the fact that it's out of stock as I really would like to keep all the CDs I participate in stocked. But there is just not enough demand to justify it. I could pony up just for vanities sake but the money might be better spent on something new. It can be downloaded on iTunes and Bandcamp. This is a case where duplication may make better sense then replication but does that really satisfy those that really are buying to collect? Don't know.