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Author Topic: Frogg Corpse on Vocals Resides In Louisville, Ky  (Read 1442 times)

March 03, 2014, 05:48:07 AM

(This song is called storms warning, im also on tracks: Leviathan, Looking Glass and She Waits). I am a Vocalist
Only Time Ive Ever Been Recorded, (Recorded in an old friends one time house project "Vehemet" by Jeremy Robertson in Louisville Kentucky.)
I have no band or know anyone to make music with here in Louisville. I of course have no representation or agent im just Frogg or Frogg Corpse to others.
I do suffer from aspergers so I rock back and forth which I cannot drive, im not a technology versed person but if any one wants to make music with me please get at me (im only a Vocalist)  ive auditioned infront of nygil lythgow in 2012 season 12 in Chicago for American idol and two 2013 the voice auditions in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I Live in Louisville. and have Limited Funds to travel so if so I would need a 2-3month warning to save up for a ticket and make sure the weather is fine to sleep on the streets. have a good week.