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Started by 555_666, March 18, 2006, 06:36:27 am

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This one is for the head honcho Travis.

If someone wants to make an album, what so they have to do?

More specifically, if I wanted to make an album through TDRS what do i have to send?

Probably demos, some application form about myself, etc. But what is the process one would have to go through if they want to make a record with TDRS?


Well, I do get asked this a bit. TDRS isn\'t really a label as much as a place for my friends and me to put out some of our music. I do like to try to help  aspiring talent as best I can, and thats one of, hopefully, the reasons this site exists. So musicians and fans of musicians can talk to each other and exchange their art.
I don\'t sign new artists to my label, I don\'t have the resources to promote an artist from nowhere to a place they can sell enough music to sustain themselves.
My advise for anyone trying to get ahead in this business is to  play live, get a website and network through all the great resources available on the internet.
If your asking how you can  make a record with me, I am hired often to produce records for people and if thats what your interested in, send me a private email and I\'ll tell you how i usually work that.