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Pike... ... ... #14?

Started by X, April 30, 2013, 09:29:04 pm

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Buckethead's got three new pikes out already! Except it looks like he skipped right past #13. Not only does that seem unusual for him, but now it makes it even more unclear how many more pikes he's going to release.


BR #560
SC #224
LE Art #203 - #197
LE Christmas CD


Bucket puts everyone to shame with quality music..... So glad he left GnR!


Ordered. Thanks for the heads up!

In Search Of The

Jesus, I can't afford all this shit at the minute. I'm going to have to wait for standard editions!


I'm still waiting for 11 and 12 to pop up on itunes..

I wonder is 13 is going to be something really special?  That is Bucket's favorite number after all ;D


 i guess pike no longer rhymes with you chilly  you need a coat?


The preferred studio must be located in a coop.


Quote from: In Search Of The on May 01, 2013, 01:57:45 pm
Jesus, I can't afford all this shit at the minute. I'm going to have to wait for standard editions!

me either, this blows donkey dong


13 hmmmmmmm... where could you be?  Too special for a limited release? ...or is he skipping it like a floor in a skyscraper.

hmmmmm skyscraper... could this stack of pikes resemble a skyscraper once he is done?  Cool!
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In Search Of The

Maybe 13 actually has a name?


Has anyone rec'd 14?  I thought it had a May 10th mail date?  I've already rec'd notice that #13 is shipping.



No word on shipping for #14 for me yet either.
Patience is golden.


I got a notice saying there was a delay because of the sound quality on the CD pressing.  The planned ship date is now May 31st, according to the email.


Presents in the mail are always fun. Got 14 today. Listening now. It's Funkay!
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