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les filles dans les nuages

Started by Maxen, April 28, 2013, 02:56:46 pm

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Hey Travis,

i was wondering if you had any updates on how ''les filles dans les nuages'' is coming along ? The two tracks you released so far are great.



Thanks. The whole CD is almost done. I'm waiting for Paul to add some bass. It's always like that making records here. Musicians do so many different things and I have so many projects running at once it's like spinning plates if I see one start to wobble I'll turn my attention to it.


Sounds good. Nice to get a little insight into your operations. Btw, do you know already if there will be a physical release for this?


Physical yes, CD, not so sure yet what form it will take.


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I know, it's hard to believe. I have two fantastic projects, this one with DJ and one I've been working on with Vince for years. I really like them both.  It's just been resources both finical and time and life, getting in the way. This stuff takes so much work, time and everyone clicking together without any compensation it's just hard.
It's like that project in your garage, you know, you have the tarp over it and every once in a while you lift the tarp and go, wow, i really need to work on this and then you need to work for real instead. I really appreciate your encouragement. I'll have another look under the tarp.