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Buckethead Live In Japan

Started by In Search Of The, March 26, 2013, 07:39:45 am

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In Search Of The

Recently I started to follow Frankseuss on Tumblr. For those out of the loop or bad with names, Frankenseuss (Bryan Theiss) is a long time collaborator of Buckethead's, with many iconic album cover designs under his belt. If it's a legitimate account (which I believe it is), this is quite the interesting post:


Buckethead Live In Japan, unfinished art for album that never happened, 2002.

When there was talk of releasing an early live recording of Buckethead I tried to make a kaiju collage using screencaps from his early home videos. In the left background that's his dummy Herbie shooting lasers.

Regardless of whether you knew of this potential release, it's always nice to see older scraps of artwork or previously unseen material. You can follow Frankenseuss too if you have Tumblr.



if this is Live at Fuji Rock festival, it was available as a download at one time via bucketheads wedges. Many tech problems first half of show is a drawback, but the end the show blazes.
Eye Feel Fine(d)
I Feel Find
I Fell, Fin.


Great Find. Will follow. Thank You!