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Thantatopsis - Axiology

Started by topher, December 19, 2012, 12:21:08 am

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Greetings. Being on the .TK made this look like a logical next step.

Anyway, how long has Axiology been out of stock? I could swear it was in a couple months ago. Any word on a re-stock/re-press (if needed)?


Should have it back the first of the year.



One of my favorite albums of all time. 


Hey travis, isnt it the 10th anniversary or Axiology this year? If so will be see a special release or new collab with buckethead?   :)


I would really like to do something for the 10 anniversary. We did the construction kit for the first one. I was also hoping to repress and take advantage of the repressing but the state of CDs is so abysmal I may have to rethink that.  At any rate definitely will do something.


Nice to hear!

(Probably doesn't help, but there still are people hoping for a CD release  :-[)
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That would be killer Travis if you and Bucket would create another Thanatopsis !!!! Such beautiful work on the last three brother  8)
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According to Wikipedia, it's 10 years to the day that Axiology came out. Any plans at TDRS yet? Still waiting on a restock/repress. Would love to see something happen with it, it's a fantastic record.  :)


Damn Im getting old. That seems like yesterday.
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