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bucketheadstech - Official Youtube channel for bootlegs, I'm guessing!

Started by DroidHunter13, January 22, 2013, 09:21:08 pm

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Check it out! Videos from the St. Louis show back in 2012 are being uploaded! And it looks like they're being uploaded from the cameras PSticks would set up!


Nice :)

BTW: The videos also claim to have "audio from the soundboard", which definitely only his road crew has access to. And it indeed doesn't like it was recorded from a camera microphone.
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bucketheadstech was speaking of a DVD box set autographed by Buckethead in the comments for the Ghost Host video. I messaged him this:

Hello! If there is a DVD box set, how many concert bootlegs are there going to be? Or will it just be the St. Louis 2012 show? And also, will there be any footage of any of the 2011 shows?

bucketheadstech sent me this:

I have video from Frankenstein Bros at 1st ave in Minneapolis, Des Moines, and Omaha also. Only have soundboard for STL. It took a while to work it out with the powers at hand. I got pretty good sound at the 3 shows I just mentioned also, they are just on my macbook and I wont have it back for a while. There is no plan for a box set at this point, I am working with the guys to produce this STL one. These are my masters, and I have another camera footage I have not even used yet. This is kind of a sample.