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Buckethead 2012 Tour Merchandise?

Started by Kiriakos, August 17, 2012, 05:10:27 pm

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To people who have been to Buckethead's concerts this year, which CDs of his are being sold?

I'm going to be heading to the Vancouver show in September and have been thinking of buying the latest pikes (the ones I don't have) and Electric Sea if it is available there. If not, I will order online, but I prefer buying directly from him (I would hope more money goes to him that way).

Any other interesting merchandise as well, like shirts?



I haven't been to any Buckethead's solo shows this year, but I know he sells the first six Pikes albums and I heard that Electric Tears is at the merchandise table, and theres always t-shirts. CD's are usually $15 and T-shirts are $25. You should bring extra money, in case "The Shores of Molokai" ends up at the merchandise table. Hope that helps!  :)



When I went to the San Francisco shows last year he had 2 CDs, that's all.

Kinda bummed, but I went to see bucket so it don't matter.
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