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Pike 7: The Shores of Molokai

Started by DroidHunter13, August 09, 2012, 08:24:22 am

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The title track is SO EPIC!!!!!! Omfg I'm in love again! ;D :o ;D :o ;D


Yep I'm still in the at least 3 times a day rotation... YES!
Support underground music!!!


It took me a month to realize it, but there are a few interesting things about this album.
I heard a part in "Mannequins Are My Friend" that sounds like it's straight out of "Brewer in the Air".
Buckethead already has a "Hatchet" (Deli Creeps) and a "Counter Clockwise" (Thanatopsis).
And tracks 3 & 7 and tracks 8 & 10 have something...similar about them if you listen closely.


Tracks 3 & 7 and tracks 8 & 10 have drum beats similar to each other. Also, Mannequins Are My Friend has a riff similar to Dummy Egg from Empty Space.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure he used the exact same drum track for each pair, maybe with slight alterations.
I didn't even notice the Dummy Egg similarity, nice catch.

Do you think the Pikes series will end up having 13 albums to it? Already halfway there now.

In Search Of The

I hope so. The other day I played all 7 installments back to back. Literally feels like a rollercoaster.


Update: SOM is still the best pike! The title track got me pulled over because I speed when it's blasting through my Bose sound system! Oh, soo good....