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Reunion repressed - Thank you!

Started by DroidHunter13, June 20, 2012, 01:57:21 am

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I had noticed that this album went out of print for a little bit, and now it has been restocked. I just wanted to thank you, Travis, because I haven't had the chance to buy this yet.



Wow, I hadn't even noticed Axiology was out! Good thing I bought a copy  :)

Seeing as all of these albums are getting repressed...I'm sorry to bother you on this, because you must be sick of hearing it...will Shadows Between the Sky be repressed soon?? I've got money set aside if it does!  :D


I have no money, no available space left on my CD rack, and will not be able to order albums anytime soon since I'm moving in 6 days. But if a repress of Shadows drops this week or next week, I would still commit myself to getting a copy instantly despite all this. Anytime after next week I'd have no contraints either, so I'm pretty much getting it either way.