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Wakarusa Music Festival

Started by Aftermath, March 12, 2006, 05:40:02 am

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June 8-11 in Lawrence KS. If you havent herd about it you need to check it out. Iv been to many a music festival and wakarusa is hands down the sicest fest around. The vibe is great, the bands are great, and the location is vary butifull.
If you havent seen the line up, Buckethead is playing two nights as well as Les Claypool, Bernie Worrell and the WOO Warriors will be there so a C2B3 is most likely going down. Also the Disco Biscuits, Gov\'t mule and many others will be there.

So is anyone ells going to wakarusa this summer?


Whats the deal, no one ells here is going to Wakarusa?


Nope, I even live nearby but I don\'t have $100 to spend on the ticket.  Kinda too bad I can\'t just pay to see Bucket for one of the days, he\'s all I\'d be interested in seeing there, after all, no offense to the other artists involved.  But they\'ll all just get blown off the stage and everything after Bucket will be kind of anticlimactic in my opinion.     ;D  
Have fun, though, man!