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Started by Jack Abrentas, January 19, 2005, 07:56:58 pm

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Jack Abrentas

hey guys!

Slunk radio is revamped and back on the net for you listening pleasure.

Slunk radio is pleased to bring you sounds from Bucketheadland and the coop 24/7

for about a week we\'ll have Day of the Robot streaming  for your enjoyment, along with other binge tunes...

keep checking the schedule for information about upcoming broadcasts.

ENJOY!  ;)


Where\'s the stream?  Only certain times?  I gotta lotta nuthin. Or\'s my laptop dumb?  want to stream you at work!
- Elemeno


click on the yellow play button.

you can use a Live365 player or i believe you can use media player as well..

Slunk Radio streams all the time. Right now it\'s looping a show that is 1 hr and 42 min, but very soon when our database is completed the looping shows will stop and you will hear all coop all the time, and hopefully everytime you listen you will hear something different.

hang in there...but for now you can enjoy the Moonraker (Mike Patton and Buckethead) show and some other binge tunes!!

email if you have troubles...