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Started by Travis, June 07, 2005, 06:05:14 pm

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well heres my music

AC Anton
tell me what you think


Hey guys I was always told to not say anything at all if it wasn't something nice, but in all honesty doesn\'t anyone have their own identity anymore? ...I mean seriously why try and be Buckethead? granted I love his music very much , but I don\'t put a mask on and make up a story similar to his up and then call myself original that would be totally stupid wouldn\'t it?. Wouldn\'t you guys think I was a complete idiot if I  dressed up in a giant robot suit and played Soothsayer on youtube and claimed it my own original idea?
Sorry if I hurt someones feelings , but man how hard is it to be original these days.
Be yourself! and be happy about it ::)
Fron son of lon.


it\'s difficult to be original these days, considering how easy to create and how available music is. I do agree though, you should put forth the effort to try and make your own music, and your own identity. I\'m disgusted at the lack of effort put into the music industry these days, and I\'m tired of all these people who are "real". Buckethead really is a real diamond in the rough, he\'s surpassed the title of "musician" and carried it on to "entertainer," which in my opinion, is the way it should be done.


Check it out if you wish...

So uhh..I do both rock music and hip hop beats. You can hear a few songs of both styles on Myspace.

Enjoy! (Or Don\'t!)  ::)


QuoteCheck it out if you wish...

So uhh..I do both rock music and hip hop beats. You can hear a few songs of both styles on Myspace.

Enjoy! (Or Don\'t!)  ::)

I like your music.


Hey thanks! Ella_Mental! :)


wow i would really like to do that. i currently finished composing 14 songs I plan to burn in a CD sometime later:

1) Enter the Bottomless Pit (3:04)
2) Eerie Hallucinations (3:56)
3) Brains Leaking Blood (1:55)
4) Head Trauma (1:25)
5) Humble Picker Shredding Wheat (3:48)
6) The Phantom of the Bottomless Pit (2:56)
7) Ravine Rock Shift (3:23)
8) Ice Pick Lobotomy (0:34)
9) Meet the Flying Pit Monster (2:21)
10) Falling towards Nothing (2:29)
11) Annhilationizm (3:45)
12) Destroyer of Gravity (2:52)
13) Escape from the Bottomless Pit (3:08)
14) Asphodel Meadows (9:14-ends at 4:01 and hidden track starts at 6:00)

well Buckethead is a HUGE influence and i wanted to experiment what it would be like to follow his style :D




Hey everyone, my name is Erik Thomas. I am a guitarist who plays acoustic instrumental music (I play many genres but acoustic is what I record and what I play live). If you want to check out my music go to

I\'ll keep you all updated on the process of my second album

Erik Thomas.


July 13, 2010, 07:17:35 pm #70 Last Edit: July 13, 2010, 09:16:26 pm by Piccinesco
Hi, I am writing from Italy, from little city into to near Rome.
I writing instrumentale music, but realizing thi\'s music with simple software, without hardware synthesizer for the moment.
The genre is "hip hop"( the intention is really, but at the finally I have decise of composing little music for the spots/videos/Jingles, the title of tracks is "Jingle Interwound" ), but not is typical approach that having in the Italy territory the soundwriting and producer, but one minimal alternative respect the jobs with from the my country.
The genre electronic is differently, but only regarding the number of instriment using and lenght of pieces.
I am perfectly conscius not having writing incredible songs, for thi\'s motive search of study seriously, I like of baroque style, and my interest writing music in thi\'s style.
Don\'t never promise, but with one with some time searching of preview the audio tracks uploading of members of thi\'s forum.
Sorry for the bad english, I have search writing don\'t use internet translator except for a few words, hope that I have understan


Please ignore the above text as it is full of grammar mistakes some made by myself, others due to the utilization of an automatic translator, Please find below the correct revision made almost completely by a friend of mine, apart very few words I was able to properly write myself.
I am Maurizio, writing from Guidonia, a village in the Rome\'s outskirt.
I have realised instrumental music pieces using a simple audio composition software only with no support of hardware synthesizers at all, although I might be able to realise the same pieces if provided with such as equipment.
I originally have been thinking about producing hip-hop pieces but I then modified them making them more suitable for commercial jingles, videoclips and other similar utilizations. Hence, the title \'Jingle Interwound\'\' given to such as collection, which I personally consider to be a more alternative composition than those belonging to the Italian hip hop scene.
I also realised other pieces, using the same compositive approach, more related to the electronic music scene.


This is my latest track, I keep everything as original as possible but of course you\'ll be be able to hear certain influences such as Buckethead in there in some spots (there\'s no real solo on this one, just an improv jam over a beat I made in Ableton Live).

Constructive criticism is appreciated, love it or hate it I don\'t care I\'m interested in hearing what others have to say about my work.


Hello,I have always been doing this music project but,then I seen Buckethead and I was inspired to work even harder.
If you wish to check it out go here:


I play guitar, I like playing instrumental rock stuff and also mellow stuff

here is a link to an album I just finished recording called "Fireflies in the Night", it\'s all really soft and mellow, just guitar, no bass or drums
(feedback is welcome)

I plan on recording a second album soon, which will also be instrumental, but will be more rock oriented