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Started by ella_mental, May 20, 2008, 10:43:54 pm

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That\'s prett amazing ella congratulations!

Also enjoyed the Halloween vid 8)


Bhagavan Das was incredible.  He looked like Santa Clause with crazy long dreds to his feet.  At one point I had to convince myself that I wasn\'t tripping even though it\'s been years since I have.


After I thought I took pictures of all my flowers, I noticed I had some red mums mixed in the yellow and orange, so...


I thought I\'d share some thoughts here...

Halloween is one of those days that I consider to be magical.  So despite the fact that something terrible happened, part of me was thinking, well at least it\'s Halloween.

Anyway, it was a rough day for all of us, but my little girl had the worst of it.  She kept saying "drums" in the hospital and I was thinking she\'s got to be a little delirious after all this.  But kids are naturally tuned in.

Obviously I did a lot of praying and I prayed to Shiva and to Swami Kripalu and just the Universe in general.  Some of you may be rolling your eyes at this point, but whatever.

So,  we were home and I went into my meditation space and sat down to do whatever.  It was then I realized the finger on my Shiva Nataraj.  The one I fixed on that statue is one of his right index fingers and it is the hand that is holding his damaru drum.  At my initiation I gave a damaru as my offering to the guru.

I also got a gift from Swami Rama.  I realize that sounds absurd.  But I\'ve been wanting an ivy plant and today I was given one with a peacock feather in it.  I associate Swami Rama with peacocks.

All I can do is say Thank You to the Universe.


Thanks for sharing that story ella was a great read. You had me pondering and thinking real hard on this one.


It\'s been 1 week and my little girls finger is healing up nicely.  For the most part, it looks pretty good.  I\'m not sure if she has feeling in it, but hopefully time will help with that.  She is using her hand (almost) normally again.

Thanks to all who wished her well!



 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

That\'s so awesome Ella -  ::)thanks

ps - glad your lil one is healing and feeling better


Let your inspirations flow into whatever you do.


Here is a Buckethead Christmas ornament I made yesterday.