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New CyberSlunk EP - Million Bot March - Free Downl

Started by CyberSlunk, October 08, 2010, 09:36:04 pm

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Hey Bots,

I\'ve just released a selection of stuff as an EP called Million Bot March for free download from my page to say thanks to Buckethead for inspiration and all Bucketbots for support of my music. Please download yourself a copy.

I will be adding more songs in the near future and making it into an album so I\'ll keep ya\'ll posted.
Peace CyberSlunk


Nice work! :)

I\'m working on some similar stuff atm.

This site seems to have a bunch of kids aka rude people , so dont expect much deserved prasie. And dont use their judgements as a guideline either...if Buckethead blew his nose in a papper bag and sold it ,they would buy it and say it was the best thing ever and if you didnt like it ...well u get the idea....i like to call them poser bots :)

good luck man!


My Painless Nightmares is my favorite. Can\'t wait to sit down and listen to the whole EP...In a dark room...
Some days, it's a good day to die. And some days, it's a good day to have breakfast.


November 18, 2010, 08:50:57 am #3 Last Edit: November 18, 2010, 09:08:23 am by asylumofglass
Oh man. Love this stuff. I\'m partway through the album now. You\'re playing and writing are great. The only thing I\'m not much of a fan of is the level of compression you used for some of it. Sometimes when it really presses down hard cause of the bass kick it is distracting me from the other instruments cause it\'s pumping the volume of the guitar or changing the timbre a bit. Around 1:40 of Vital Fluids, for example.

Just got to Baker\'s Point. Three thumbs up.

Also I think cause it\'s pushing 40 minutes, what we have here is an album not an ep  :D