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Serenity Sunrise , my 1st original

Started by Smkonwater23, September 18, 2010, 07:43:22 pm

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Hi everyone,
I just posted an edit of a live webcast of my 1st original guitar music about a month ago. Webcast live on justin.tv/gchannel and then cut and uploaded to Youtube.
There are some sour notes in there as it was mostly improvised over 2 chords..but I feel it\'s a gr8 melody. Pls check it out, hope U enjoy it.
I\'m not a trained guitarist, couldn\'t afford lessons when younger..just been playing by ear for a long time. Just picking up scales a cpl of mths ago from Guitar Scales Method- a software I bought online...so far I like the the teaching software!! Cheers all, would luv to hear other originals out there too!

Search for  "Serenity Sunrise" in Youtube...have a few other improvised jams of techno version of Doors -Light My Fire and Sones- Spider and the Fly.