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Buckethead Pumpkins

Started by Alex R, October 23, 2009, 07:02:57 pm

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Alex R

As Halloween is coming up, I was thinking about making a Buckethead themed pumpkin carving. The problem is, I can\'t seem to find any suitable images for copying from.
So far, I have only really found these three:
A BH T shirt from eBay:
The second BH shirt from the TDRS store:
And a random black and white outline of a photo from DeviantArt:

I have already seen the one hosted here before, and I would copy that, but I\'m not that good. :(
If anyone could show me a simple enough stencil I could use for printing/cutting around, I\'d be grateful.
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I wish Buckethead would come to the UK.
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