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DeathCubeK/Buckethead Skateboard Deck Paintings.

Started by Veinsonfire, December 28, 2007, 11:38:33 pm

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I\'m not exactly a skateboard enthusiast but after my cousin purchased many blank decks I\'ve wanted to experiment painting on one. He was reluctant to let me paint on his personal board at first but after seeing the stuff I\'ve done since yesterday  he\'s suddenly shown more interest in my art.  ;)

You can tell I don\'t know much about boards as I\'ve apparently painted on it backwards, because for the untrained (Ignorant) eye the tail of a board is very much similar to the nose.
I\'ve also omitted some professional steps for painting on skateboards for my first attempt, meaning most of them, so this is going to be more of a decorative board I\'m afraid (Not that you can\'t skate it, but the design will fade quicker).

This is my progress as of today for a DCK design, I was planning on having both a DCK and a Buckethead deck by next week but it\'s tough work for a noob like myself.


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That deck is awesome, did you illustrate your avatar also?


Congrats - that\'s a great idea... and I\'m sure now that he\'s seen your work, you\'ll get the chance to paint on some more decks.  Use a few coats of poly to seal it and the painting will last longer, by the way.

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