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Taster of new EP - TheSub

Started by CMA, April 26, 2006, 09:17:16 am

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lately i have been making some kick ass music, by actually using my keyboard skills rather then programe in every note. not a 303 in site either [yet?].

The Ep will be released in May for a free download, but i will be giving away a few copys tonight at the custard factory Gig tonight!!!

This album is a Maritime Electro Ep, Which is a Submarine Concept Album. Almost Score like..

The Sub

1.Sub Theme
2.Up Periscope
3.Sub Love Tip
4.Sub Attack

Here is a Track to wet your appitite.

3.Sub Love Tip

this is the slowest song [hence the love theme] on the Ep, at 121bpm. the rest are driving at 152bpm +

any feedback would be wicked!

The Rest of the Album will be recorded this week and Released in the first week of May.