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Spoon Bassing 1O1

Started by Chris DiCicco, September 02, 2005, 06:38:16 am

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Chris DiCicco

First off I do not consider myself a certified teacher with the state of California also some reading the title will think I\'m posting about some strange drug... not so.


first off the Materials

1 Bass playing hand (1, 2 to 3 fingered beats ) simple but meaty if playing with a guitar player.

1 drum playing hand , evolve this to your own way of holding a stick.

1 Bass, four strings er five strings percussion style neck , don\'t worry if you hit other strings.

1 Bass Amp 15-30 watts er more if playing in larger area, or just want to play loud ( this helps... greatly... play loud)

1 large soup spoon, heavy chrome none to stylish, yer not going to a Scoop Out Party.

I started on the second fret with the first string while my Guitar toteing Buddy was shredding I first had the spoon like I was eating the Bass strings, but my logic here is to get away from natural design\'s and funtion, so I turned it over, making a much better grip and tapping the handle while the left Hand Fingers do the beats (as above).

this can produce some very simple Drum/Bass combo that totally surprised my guitar playing Buddy, he stopped to switch Guitars so he could lead/follow this new tone I was doing.

Sounds you want to hear for are a ringing Ding, slide Ring Ding sounds sorta like a Snare Drum and Crash er Splash Lastly to get beyond, 1O1, will have to wait for a follow up Post becuase I am but the Learner.

The Bass I use is a beat up silver O.L.P

the spoon is a Reed & Barton select stainless Made in China

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You are such a robot chris moss

Chris DiCicco

No passing notes in my class

tut tut did you draw me eating the Bass... Iyiyi (throws papers up in disgrace)

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September 05, 2005, 06:04:32 pm #4 Last Edit: September 05, 2005, 06:06:55 pm by Chris_Moss

Chris DiCicco

Lesson Number A9A

Tickling the Mermaid


Scratching the throat

now as we settle the ruckus...

hold your spoon like you are going to eat the Bass and with your first and second Finger find the first and Second string, on the 5th and 6th fret or 9th and 10th.....

found it/them good!

now lightly at first slide the ladl side of the spoon towards the Humbucker of the (O.L.P.) Bass you want a tickling sound its ok to go over Humbucker this is what you want as the sound muddys . Is the Mermaid Laughing? if not your useing the wrong side of the spoon be careful of going backwards , the Mermaid does not like this...

yes there she goes.

Scratching the Throat

on the upper registrate  find the 15th 17th 19th and 21st fret on the neck turning the spoon over ladl scrape slide back and forth calmly and with more wider area faster as you progress down the frets.



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