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My Buckethead Art

Started by Tristan_Donnelly, April 18, 2005, 12:24:54 am

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Hey everyone hows it going. I don\'t exactly know how to post my pictures here but if you want to check out my Buckethead art and the rest of my gallery go to.

Thanks for looking! I really enjoyed everyone else\'s submissions on the site.

Chris DiCicco

Oh my god WOW we love it, fun stuff, you are great at faces and the freehand  stuff knocked me out, what a Zinger right off my chair, BOUF! landed on the floor, More... Travis check this out... the vision, the color, the drawings and glass.

is that swirling effect Digital or is that in the glass... I\'m sort of a lammo when it comes to fusing glass and metal works and ditto with Fine Arts, knocks head agienst computer screen....

The Exosphere  2013


Thanks so much. Glad you liked it. The swirling effect is in the glass. First I apply silver fume by heating a piece of silver in front of the glass. Then I swirl it around with some more clear glass and last i put the blue glass behind it. Thanks for looking and your nice comments.


absolutely dope! all of your work is great... keep posting when you add!


Chris DiCicco

I flunked Fine Arts in College... Big time, but I did make really crappy rings N things better left unwritten. :-/

The Exosphere  2013


Tristan thats some fantastic work you,ve done there.Extremely creative stuff.



Hey everyone, thanks for the great comments. I just thought I\'d let everyone know I added a new picture I just finished and a bunch of new glass work. I also replaced some photos with new ones  because the colors looked more dull than they are. Thanks again for the comments.


cool stuff...thanks for sharing with us :)
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