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Started by Travis, November 20, 2010, 06:05:09 pm

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We have a new type spammer problem on the board.
These spammers are human, they register using the captcha
and reply to posts in vague platitudes with commercial URLs in their sigs.

I\'ve been trying to keep up with them but i have a very limited time to spent here and I would rather be using that time to interact with you all.

If you can help, use this thread to report any spam you find.

I\'m going to remove anyone who registers with a commercial URL in their signature unless they are promoting their own music or art form or other altruistic endeavor.

You can either post the thread URL or the users name and I\'ll check in here and zap them.



 Spammer. User name - Gorgos005. Two posts today.



Yaminan007  I think.... he\'s got the commercial URL sig for sure.
"There are many ways to get from the bottom to the top... it's kind of like digging a hole."


Best Regards

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john sena

made a weird post on the \'favorite buckethead songs\' thread with an advertisement for funeral urns underneath.
"There are many ways to get from the bottom to the top... it's kind of like digging a hole."


yangchao, in general discussion, about buckethead.tk


"baobao" seems to be spamming thing up this evening



LucasCarson and his solar panels


^yeah, that LucasCarson guy and this new guy Fredric0A.


jack520 is a spammer. I won even open the links to see what he spams about
He works on the farm,
He makes fun of me,
But thats the lats thing youll see,
Cuz im gone use him for something that you wont understand

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Joshep in General Discussion


we got spammed in the consignment thread by David Stanley