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Dirty Little Wars on Freedoms

Started by Peace_On_Earth, December 30, 2005, 05:23:09 pm

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January 08, 2006, 03:35:49 am #15 Last Edit: January 08, 2006, 03:38:39 am by dirtface
you on the other hand from what i can gather by reading some of the things you say are just plain miserable

Yeh GKG! Cheer up and quit sounding so miserable! Here, how about I let you in on a little secret that may help out. Whenever your feeling down about the sad turns our Great Nation has taken of late and you get that urge to start tapping some of that terrible and unpatriotic trash talk about OUR ALL POWERFUL LEADER all you have to do is simply remember this


of and if this doesn\'t completely do the trick for you just frame it in the perspective of that wonderful \'Bush Proverb\' "If you ain\'t with us youse against U.S."

Oh and phartacus? There is no possible way that this should be construed as humor or such because, as I am sure YOU are fully aware, I am just a sad, miserable and angry person. (Oh and it is a darn good thing you are there to identify these ill feelings in us, as in my case they had completely evaded me).

Oh; hey one last jab before I stop for a few good chuckles (I know they aren\'t real but must be some kind of buried anger seeping out in a distorted fashion right pharty? But what the hey, they do make me feel good). So try this one on phartacus. Plaster a big smile on your face and say out loud in a crowded room the following

"Man, remember 1998? Wasn\'t the job market awesome? Those Clinton economy years were really something else!"

Remember now. Big smile. It\'s important you realize. We wouldn\'t want people to think you are ..... bitter?


Our own government states this as fact in its census analysis:

and here\'s a bunch of info on how they calculate such things...

There you go again gkg putting up things out of context. Lets have the background if we are going to have this discussion

There. That about says it all for me. As it is plain for all to see, we are once again heading in the RIGHT direction just like we were through the wonderful \'80. Perk up and enjoy the porridge before it\'s all gone!



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we are being raped of all privacy who knows how many sick shit the government collects of our images.cameras everywhere.