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Buckethead Must be from K-Pax

Started by DragonSon, January 27, 2006, 08:06:19 pm

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Like me and him we are both weird,but talented,we make sounds that drift us from all the common,we are from a planet the no one knows but only us,a place we play for dead souls,we live to the beyond,we exist and we make life more.


January 27, 2006, 09:20:25 pm #1 Last Edit: January 27, 2006, 09:23:00 pm by change+suffocation
dude you are pressing your luck making all these new, repetitive posts.  You are pushing decent topics off the page - topics that someone actually cares about responding to.  I understand you like Buckethead and Travis\'s music, but you cant just ruin Travis\'s board, which is what you are doing...


I totally agree with change man at first i was thinking wow ill check out what this guy has to say but now its just tiring and i dont really think anybody cares


yeah at first it was fine, but the dragon has gone too far


Yeah before it seemed all peaceful and a few poeple would post a new subject a day which was nice and then you could keep up on older ones at the same time but ever since he became a member he maks like 4 a day and there pretty much about nothing


ok i guess thats the way you treat bucketbots.


Dude your the like only person on here who posts 50 billion friggen things about nothing dude you notice no one like responded to your subjects except for the inspiration and this because we were sick of you posting crap and im sorry but yes thats how we treat you not anybody else because nobody else is ruining this board >:(


hey I\'m not trying to be mean buddy, and don\'t get all upset, it\'s just that it\'s kind of poor manners to do what you did. You come here and flood the board the first day with whatever pops into your mind, and you can\'t just do that.  You posted 2 new topics about this K-pax thing, and it almost seems like you are joking (I hope), and trying to get a rise out of us.  K Pax?  Like the terrible movie?  Seriously?  Come on, your pulling our collective legs here it seems...


ok i guess i did flood this board so i hope you guys don\'t hate me,i\'m just an addicted buckethead fan i sleep and dream eat buckethead,maybe i\'m going insane. :-/


been away for a second and what must I find? I have a son?
( d6= dragon6 - screen name for aages  ) and he behaves bad!

ok, cool down young fellow - no one hates you here . just give it a little time and tame your temper!

and mommy doesn´t want you to go insane.;)

 remember you´re an individual. no matter how much you adore someone, stay true to yourself. be yourself.

or to let bucket speak :

" if you find your truth, you must follow it.......and if you follow it, stay true to it, and respect it, you could be in store for the greatest journey you could ever imagine"
official hippie hell survivor


you know i\'ll just be mature and agree with your responses,i might be a pest but i\'m cool,i don\'t want to annoy anyone,bucketbot fans are the coolest,i respect your opinions even if they offend me,buckethead gave me a big lift i had no inspiration to go out there in the real world and face life,once i heard his sonic arts i was trained mentaly i was pump to fight my enemies,i\'m so lucky to have found the temple of bucketheads art. :)


What is this the Nazi board??Dragonson should be able to post as often as he wants...what did he do that\'s so bad?You are telling him to relax and calm down like he is a little kid...nobody owns this board but Travis and I don\'t hear him complaining...goddamn it\'s just a message board(you know for MESSAGES!!!!)...say what you want ,Dragonson...


Nah the point is this is generally a quiet board where most posts are actually worth reading. That's the way it's been and most people that have been here a while like it that way. Personally I like more activity than less to an extent (as if it matters to you what I like right?) but much more important than quantity is always quality. I have run across very, very few in my meager years that what to hear (or read) mindless dribble. Too many can\'t help but spew the inconsumable but as it is that it just tends to pile up like all that other .... stuff. So no, people are merely expressing their preference.

My attitude and the answer I will abide by forthwith is that I will no longer reply to any thread that I feel does not warrant merit, this being one of them and the last such post from me (and yes I can hear you muttering good under your breath and that is fine). Maybe if the other who wish quiet did the same we would find the dribble tended to work to a drip and then stop. Then again, maybe this noise is part and parcel with a certain level of visibility and will grow and wane in sync with such. So if this is the start of the chatter all I have to say is enjoy.  


Listen,one man\'s trash is another man\'s treasure...I don\'t think what Dragonson posts is "mindless drivel"...I think he is an enthusiastic fan who expresses himself in a different way...once you start saying who should say what or a post should be this way or that way...or speaking for the "collective board",you are veering very close to some kind of fascism...

I was on the very first original bucketboard(under the name mynutz)and I was here when this board first started...I don\'t post often and I don\'t try to start shit just for the sake of it...but what is this??You should be happy when anyone posts anything positive about Buckethead...I remember in 91 when I discovered Buckethead for myself,nobody knew who the fuck he was and I would have been thrilled to hear ANYTHING about Bucket(positive or otherwise) now Dragonson comes along and trys to inject some life into the board and you guys give him a hard time...give me a break,it\'s a FUCKING MESSAGE BOARD!!!!Don\'t attatch this monumental status to hard is it to scroll past a message you don\'t want to read..jesus...

Like dirtface says,if you don\'t like a thread,just don\'t respond...if you don\'t want to stay quiet then don\'t...but don\'t get so petty about someone who is trying to spread some love for our man Buckethead


hey he can post whatever and whenever he wants, but the one day he made like 10 topics and it flooded the board if you saw it.  I don\'t want to be an ass, and I don\'t care that much anyway, but it was a little much thats all I was saying.  Sure a few new topics were nice, but it went a little far.  He/she seems like a nice person, and hey if it makes him happy he can start 4000 new topics...