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Peace Train derailed

Started by gkg, September 22, 2004, 06:20:23 pm

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October 05, 2004, 05:04:46 pm #60 Last Edit: October 05, 2004, 05:34:15 pm by gkg
when you look at the votes that Kerry has cast please bear in mind some facts before drawing your conclusions.  bills put before the Senate for consideration are often named for only one item of several that have been attached.  many times people vote down a seemingly reasonable bill because extremely unreasonable things have been attached to it.  it is a common ploy used by all politicians when they want to force a vote on unsavory items to attach them to bills that people will be soundly criticized for shooting down.

Kerry made it clear and has always stated, that when additional information is available, he is willing to change his mind rather than to stay the course when it becomes so obviously the wrong course.  i applaud people who can admit they made a wrong decision and move to do their best to correct it.

if people call these decisions flip-flops, i say bullshit.  that\'s thinking on your feet and making decisions as needed rather than per what will be popular.

secondly, please take a good look at the reality we face - it will be a very long time before this country truly embraces anything but a two party system.   a crisis time in our country is not the time to work on expanding that, laudible though the concept may be.

as for the remarks about dishonor to those fighting and risking/losing their lives - what Kerry said that rings the most true on the subject is that we need to stop ourselves from confusing the war with the warriors.  he said that they are performing the most noble duty one can and i don\'t think anyone would argue with him on that count.

people simply must stop trying to tie the two together.  what dishonors people doing everything honorable they can in the name of America, isn\'t just to allow horror show antics to go on in prisons.  the worst dishonor is to send them to die for oil.  for greed.  for power.  for bravado.  that is a devistating dishonor - and to refrain from saying so just because you have tied the warrior to the war is wrong and a total injustice to the people laying down their lives.  this IS the wrong war.

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Just a reminder;

[glb]The VP Candidates  Debate will be broadcast tonight. [/glb]It\'s style vs. substance in Edwards-Cheney VP debate ~ The Article Link:  http://news.bostonherald.com/election/view.bg?articleid=47477

Case Western Reserve University ~ VP Debate official site link:  http://www.case.edu/vpdebate/

So, what munchies are we serving for this ocassion!?[/color]  


lessee... we\'re doing home-made burgers with onions and peppers, and of COURSE - dark chocolate and red wine!

as usual, we will be getting this on tape.  i am hoping to get some real winners from Cheney who seems to have a hot streak...  Edwards does too, but Cheney seems like he\'ll be a lot of fun to watch (and pick on).

by the way, how does one "misunderstand" Rumsfeld\'s statement on Iraq and Al Qaeda?  "To my knowledge, I have not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two." seems pretty cut and dry, and yet now he\'s saying he was "misunderstood."

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October 05, 2004, 07:09:15 pm #63 Last Edit: October 05, 2004, 07:10:13 pm by Ocean
Quote: [glb]"(sic)...seems pretty cut and dry, and yet now he\'s saying he was "misunderstood." [/glb]

 Reminds me of the old standby for getting out of legal testimony (and as a CYA)

"I don\'t recall!"

Mmmmm, Mmmm, reads like a very tasty menu gkg.  Yeah, I\'m the sudtle one!


hey, you\'re welcome to head on over to Concord CA and join us!


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of course you can!  you, Ocean, Travis & his lovely family, heck, the whole TDRS gaggle can join us - even those in foreign lands can raise a glass with us to fervent maintenance of the political process!

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I\'m with ya all too...well in spirit anyway!  ;D


Well, for those that watched the VPD, what did you think!?

Since we talked about munchies for the ocassion, I\'ll use a metaphore; Contrary to the "Lays" ad line, at least there\'s only one!

I felt like I was watching a rehash of the Presidential Candidate Debate, with different players that weren\'t quite energetic enough to be there.

I will say, "Bravo!" , to Edwards for addressing the Constitutional marriage Amendment issue proposed by the Bush Admin. and reminding the voter public that Cheney\'s daughter is gay. Which is to say, her Father and his cohort, support the passage of an Amendment barring her equal rights, as well as that of every other Gay American.

Bad Seperatist, bad,bad! His (and the initiator of this bigotry, GWB\'s), platform on that issue is tantamount to saying to the American public;

"Hello, we\'re the leader\'s of the United States and we believe in a Free America.  Just as long as certain American\'s don\'t expect to live and love freely! Are you impressed enough to give us 4 more years to run your future?

Other than that, I listened and worked on my craft\'s and writing, while they "played" in the background.

However, that "Cadbury Fruit and Nut " bar and ice  water , was an excellent accompanyment I must say.


dinner was tasty, and the debate was better than i had expected.

in fact, the one place where i found Cheney to have class at all was in the issue of the Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment.  he is not in favor of it, did not pretend to be and simply said he works for the president and the president makes the administration policy so he supports his effort to do it.  he didn\'t not even take his opportunity to rebutt anything Edwards said about it other than to thank Edwards for the kind words about the Cheney family and their support of Mary.

the debate had actually more fire than i anticipated.  Edwards wasn\'t a cracker-jack trial lawyer for nuthin\'.  Cheney did turtle quite a bit, but Edwards got him out to snap at things and those snaps showed a great deal of the lack of substance in the GOP platform.

when Cheney had no real answer to what Edwards was saying about our being 90% of coalition casualties Cheney pulled one of the oldest tricks in the debate book - "mishearing" what was said and trying to pound on Edwards for not caring about Iraqi casualties and contributions.  it\'s right up there with "when did you stop beating your wife, Mr. Smith?" as a tactic to draw people into thinking something that couldn\'t be farther from the truth.  i think Edwards did a very good job about 95% of the time of fending off Cheney\'s spin on things, including that one.

all in all, Cheney was the strong old man trying to slap down a young upstart.  Edwards said it all when he said "a long resume doesn\'t equal good judgement."

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proving again that being tough doesn\'t make you right or smart - here are a few interesting tid-bits on Cheney\'s performance last night.



a slip of the lip can sink a ship?  i can hardly wait for Duefler\'s report to come out so i can read in detail what other errors in judgement can be brought to light... so far it\'s looking like the report will damn them, not support them.  here\'s hoping the corporate cowboys may soon be unemployed... not that they\'ll feel it.

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A slip of the tongue, a slip of the mind, and the truth shall set us free! (I told you I was an optimist! ;)  )

Ok, I\'m obviously Republican too!



i hope, sweet lady, i truly hope - and so i vote... and if we all vote for the same opponent, we will remove them from office.

if those votes are split, you don\'t get to add them together and say more people want them out than in; you\'re stuck with them getting the highest number of votes and they stay, even if the majority do want them out.  just like the majority didn\'t want them in the first place...

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I would have been joining more in this convo, but I have been working wicked hours this last week. But now that is done, and I can spend a bit more time with "yall".

Between the Presidential and Vice Presidental debates so far, it seems to me, that all I hear from Bush/Cheney is "Fear, fear, fear!" Like we are in the age of paranoia! They don\'t really speak about this issues, they try to talk around the issues, and seem to always come back to 9/11.

9/11 was a tragedy, I lived in NY, I have family and friends there. I was affected personally and professionally by it. However I do not live my life in fear that I will be, or could be in the wrong place at the right time. If we as a nation behave that way, then the terrorists have certainly won.

Look at Isreal. They still use the busses and they still go to restaurants and markets. They deal with more on a daily basis then we do, but you don\'t hear them preaching fear. Not that I am saying that i agree with some of their methods, but neither do I agree with the Palestinian\'s methods. Actually I think that both sides in that conflict have lost any of the valid arguements to support their side because of their behavior.  

My point is, really, the only real stand Bush/Cheney have taken is "Be afraid - be very afraid."

And I am only if they get re-elected!!  :o

Beatnik  8)


all the gaffes Cheney committed are being played out, but no one seems to have pointed out what i think is a VERY interesting quote from the first Bush War...

"...And while everybody was tremendously impressed with the low cost of the conflict, for the 146 Americans who were killed in action and for their families, it wasn\'t a cheap war. And the question in my mind is how many
additional American casualties is Saddam worth? And the answer is not very damned many."  [Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, remarks to the Discovery
Institute, 8/14/1992]

once he got into the private sector and went to run Halliburton his stance changed... maybe he just got light headed?  could it be from the roar of the stock price, the smell of the cash?

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Nader on his run for the White House....


please, please, please - folks, please heed the call of Gloria Steinem - not just the ladies, but everyone - this is bigger than system reform, this is bigger than one man\'s ego - this is truly our nexus with the future.  which future it will be depends on presenting a united front against George W. Bush and his administration.

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