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Started by gb714us, February 26, 2011, 05:11:27 pm

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Has anyone ordered from there? I ordered pop. override about a month ago and I still haven\'t recieved it. I sent them emails and no replies. Is t this how long they usually take, or is something wrong here?


I\'ve had multiple transactions with Norman all with varied results. A few times the cds came instantly, just a few days. Other times it has taken 3-4 weeks. And in a couple instances, after a substantial amount of time and not receiving my cd, I was refunded because the item was no longer in stock.

If you paid via paypal, send a email to that address. If you purchased through ebay, use the contact a member link too (or report a problem with your purchase through ebay). Just be persistent without getting nasty and someone should email you back. Otherwise if you did use paypal be sure to file a claim within 45 days and get your refund that way. Good luck!


Thanks ducky! Followed your advice, lets hope I get a response.