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Any dog lovers on tdrs?

Started by Bucketdog, November 28, 2010, 05:07:05 am

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If you are a dog lover and have compassion for animals I would like to recommend a site to go to and possibly donate a buck or 2. It\'s Vila lobos Pitbull rescue as seen on animal planet. I have personally donated quite a bit and am planning on buying merchandise to help support them. I can really relate with pitbulls: being outcasted, misunderstood, stigmatized and shit on. It\'s a terrible burden... and for them a horrible reality. The abuse...neglect and pain is hard to really fathom.

I hope y\'all don\'t consider this spam. I just have a big heart and am spreading the word. As I do when I gab on about buckethead to strangers every week lol!
Joe!!!! Could you fix me a ham and cheese sandwich?!!! Joe!!!! I want some butter for my chips!!!! Joe!!!!


You\'re a good human!
I\'m 14 years old and I don\'t have the money to donate that, sorry!

Animals are great, it\'s sad to see the animals suffering.
We all did it to them....