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English Language Nears One Million Words

Started by sngwthme, April 13, 2006, 06:19:56 pm

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For anyone who may love words as I do you will appriciate this information. I found it quite interesting.


Thanks sngwthme,

That is an interesting artical. I have always been curious about the origins of words. They can make such fascinating conversation pieces sometimes can\'t they ;)


hey cool - sngwtme - seems like a very fun job, counting all the words... ;)

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WOW, makes you want to say something brilliant, magnificent, luminous...oooh I know how about -- resplendent.  No, wonder it is so easy to be misunderstood. ;D


QuoteThe # of words would be significantly less if they did not count such gems as "bootylicious".

 :D :D

in austria & germany we have the "society for preservation of the german language" ; besides other things, they pick the non-word or anti-word of the year.

I could imagine if there was anything similar in the UK, or  USA -  "bootylicious"  would be a top fav.  ;)
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Yeh! There are certainly too many \'words\' that are just pollution. I do like the choice of resplendent. Nice pick. Makes for a very lucid description IMNSHO.