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R.I.P Grandpa Munster Al Lewis

Started by Chris DiCicco, February 06, 2006, 09:27:16 pm

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Chris DiCicco

So sad found this in yesterdays news paper, he was 82... I wonder if Butch Patrick knows ?

Probably, yes, I will head over to Munsters.com after this to see if the site is shutdown or the news is there, then its google google google, what a year first Chris Penn and now Al Lewis


The Exosphere  2013

Chris DiCicco

nothing on Munsters.com but The google thing claims one website that he was 95 while another says He was 83 or 82.

So Sad bye bye Count Dracula.


The Exosphere  2013


he was a real hoot - he owned a restaurant in Greenwich Village, fun place that actually had pretty decent food.

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one of my favorite shows i realy loved grampa,he flew away now take care don\'t over drink to much blood.