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Started by sngwthme, September 29, 2005, 07:40:52 pm

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Hey Travis, I have been keeping an eye on the wildfires in Chatsworth. Just checking on TDRS mailing address and hoping all is ok there.


September 29, 2005, 08:30:15 pm #1 Last Edit: September 29, 2005, 08:56:31 pm by gkg
so, i\'m not the only one concerned...

...glad to know things are safe at TDRS - totally agree that man needs to try to work WITH nature instead of trying to "break" it like some wild horse he wants to force into submission!

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Thanks for your concern. Yes this seems to be something we go through every year here in Chatsworth.  My studio is located on the flat part of Chatsworh and is O.K. It is however the ecology of the hills around here to burn annually.  The plants have in their make up an oily substance that help it burn and with the fall high winds and low humidity small fires spread rapidly  and can get very dramatic indeed. On my way out of the studio last night it was a sight to behold. Flames licked up the hills as far as the eye could see and burst high into the air when they reached a particularly tinderly tree. The problems have arisen recently with the demand for housing, people continue to build homes deeper and deeper into this natural tinder box. I don\'t worry about the fires themselves, they are a necessary part of the desert ecology. I just hope people realize when they want the nice views that the hill side gives you that it comes with a price. Unfortunately  what will probably happen is instead of stepping outside to look out at the beautiful rugged mountain scape, we will see terrace upon terrace  of boxy houses and manicured lawns.

Chris DiCicco

Ash in the air, smoke filled lungs... sorry I just herd about this tonight on FOX news... around where I live farmers burn the feilds its a horrorible thing fire... but its good yer o.k. Travis, Hows DOD is/does the smoke bother him?

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Glad to hear all is ok at the studio and that you are ok.


Glad to hear you\'re ok up there, hearing and reading about it was Deja vu-ish for me. (is that a new word?)
 I survived the fires down here in San Diego area in 2003, nicknamed "Fire Storm of 2003" and know all about evacuation with family, horses, dogs, cats and leaving home wondering if I\'d ever see it again. I was lucky but had many friends that were not. Many lost everything but at least only things that could be replaced, not lives.
Stay safe up there!
Deblee    :)


Glad everything is OK, Travis.

Hokey smoke! With all of the bizarre weather we\'re getting from that global warming that wasn\'t supposed to exist, I\'m now on the lookout for another big ice-storm one of these winters. 1998 was a biggie, but it could have been even worse. Makes you wonder who will provide the relief when we\'re all suffering, doesn\'t it?
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