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V*gina Monologue Rejects!

Started by BellaLuna, November 11, 2004, 09:42:12 pm

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Funny, but true!  Last night my gal-pal and I went searching for a small local theater who was putting on this play in Charlotte NC.  

I knew something was amiss when a guy wearing dockers walk in front of our car leaving her apartment complex--& he was carrying a huge, wooden cross.  It was an omen, I tell you, an omen!   :o

We got sooo lost then, to top it off, the play was sold out within thirty minutes!  They have more shows later, but we both work--oh no!   :(

I think I\'ll get her the CD for the holidays to mark the evening that we were v*gina monologue rejects!  ;D

Thought I\'d share our little adventure--guess ya had to be there, huh?  ;)
Bella )O(


you never know - could be he saved you from a wretched performance!  the last theatre "bad omen" we had turned out to have saved us from wasting money on a moronic last minute replacement.

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Oh, but we did have a fun time!  We ended up at a small bar in NoDa (North Davidson--the trendy art section of Charlotte) called \'Evening Muse\' and had a beer listening to a cool bluesy-folk band called \'The Mammals\' & laughing over JC (our nick for the guy w/the cross), getting lost & being v*gina monologe rejects.  

It was worthy of a hardy toast!  Hear hear!  ;D

Bella )O(


Lol, I always allow at least thirty min. to get lost on. But it sounds like you still had to good time. And thats what counts, right?
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Yeah, a good time, but I learned the hard way--MapQuest lies!  It was no piece of cake like was shown on the map--ack!   :P

In Charlotte, I should\'ve gave myself an extra hour just to find the place--now, I know.   ::)

Bella )O(


Hey Bellaluna, sounds to me like the sign steered you in the right direction. The bar with the band and good fun with a friend. I would take that over a show anytime!
Glad you told us about it. Thanks!


Yep, we\'ve been friends for almost 20 years & every time we\'re together, we ALWAYS have an adventure!    8)

Bella )O(


Vagina monologue rejects , this way?

I own the book and watched the feature presentation on HBO some time ago.  I loved the nerve to publish and produce such a unique take on women\'s dialogue. ;)

And maybe JC wasn\'t the bad omen. Maybe his visage was the sign that you were about to have a revelation. That your guide, the map quest print out, was wrong , consequently making you late to what , as others have said, could have been a bad performance.

Where as, left to your own, though seemingly lost, you had an excellent night in the company of great beer and mammals in tune!


I try to have the view point that no matter what happens, as long as I have a good story to tell and friends to share it with, it was a worthwhile experience.
Well Bella, you have a good story to tell and a good friend that you shared it with so, I say it was as it should be and a worthwhile experience.
Maybe someday I will tell the story of my trip to Oregon for New Years. Good luck on your next outing!