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VOTE! FZ says so!

Started by CMA, October 18, 2004, 07:21:18 pm

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Right on, Mr. Moss!!

FYI y\'all - today, Monday 10/18 is the deadline for registration here in California - run yourself on out and do it or do it online - but do it today!

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One of your neighbours to the north, namely ME  ;), would like to wish all my USAmerican cousins a successful election this time around. We\'re all watching to see what happens, hoping for a good turnout and a clear decision.

From an outsider\'s POV, it\'s really hard to tell what the outcome will be. I suspect the insiders find it hard too.  It sounds like an awfully close thing. And I honestly don\'t know what to hope for either.

I believe that W is the first letter of "Wrong Choice" for both the USA and the world, but it probably also could stand as the first letter of "Who the f*** do you think you are criticizing another country\'s choices?" in the eyes of some.

Some folks up here think that K will be the first letter of "Keep up the protection of US business by Keeping out foreign (i.e. Canadian) softwood lumber, beef, &c". To me it seems logical that trade globalization can\'t be stopped forever by legislation in any country. Not saying whether that\'s good or bad, as far as I can see it\'s going to happen regardless.

I don\'t know. All I can personally do is wish you folks good luck on Election Day! May you get a government that listens more to its citizens than to special interest groups. (We could use some of that here, too.)

oh yeah...please vote?!  ;D
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. ~  R.A. Heinlein


i for one thank you for your well wishes - and your hope that we do get a new regime.

i believe that the world is getting smaller, tighter, more closely knit - and that in order for us all to live in harmony on this rock we need to learn to share.  we need to accept that competition is how we keep economies active, and healthy.  while i think that the outsourcing tax benefits the major corporations have gained are wrong, i do think that we have some responsibility to help other countries provide wages and benefits to their people in such a way that they no longer resent what we have here.  

it wouldn\'t hurt us to stop shoving our chain stores, burger joints and amusement parks in their faces, however.  what we\'ve done to the health of people around the world is horrifying; what we\'ve done to native cultures and customs is even more insidious.

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Chris DiCicco

 ???I was a real dilbert to reregister... ah well...shoot the moon, becuase the sun don\'t want any...

The Exosphere  2013



I hope you have a record-breaking turnout & a clear decision...oh yes, the appropriate winner would be nice too... ;)

btw, did you see the home page over at Wow, great stuff, and kudos to VM & Co. for taking a stand and speaking so eloquently.
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. ~  R.A. Heinlein


Thank You, we\'ll need it!  The Presidential selection of 2000 and it\'s historic glitch and subsequent outcome has caused many voters concern for this election.

Already there have been two Federal Lawsuits filed prior to the polling of Nov. 2nd  (*Link*§ion=news )
and there are threats of other suits after the election. (* Link*: )

I long for the good old days when one attended their polling place, cast their vote and went home to await the broadcast of the clear cut winner.
However, the inception of this Administrations selection into office; making history as only the second occurrence of election error in  our voting history and also as a first in that GW is the first President selected by the Supreme Court to sit the seat, our election process is now at odds with itself and the constituency via/ voter intimidation, fraud, etc....

It\'s a sad state of affairs and yet with this President and his vision of his AmeriKa, it\'s almost as if that focus and energy is expanding into the over all democratic  process .

GW\'s Presidential platform has proven that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  And sadly it would appear it also infects the process that would allow the people in the grip of that power to determine if they wish the strangle hold to continue.

Goddess Bless America and save us from the  Bush.


yes, please, for the sake of the country and our democratic process, regardless of your choice - please run out and exercise your right to vote.  if you\'ve already done it, then good on ya!

[size=32][glb]VOTE - millions of lives depend on it![/glb][/size]

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November 02, 2004, 06:19:51 pm #8 Last Edit: November 02, 2004, 07:03:08 pm by gkg
Piece by Bob Herbert of the New York Times.  A fabulous and highly under-rated columnist.

Monday, November 1, 2004 letter from Michael Moore, with great explanation of why Nader is not the choice to make this time.

and for those who come to this site because of a certain well spoken Danish-American:

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November 03, 2004, 03:19:31 pm #9 Last Edit: November 03, 2004, 05:01:59 pm by Ocean
Sing along with me; "It\'s the end of the world as we know it...."  

For the first time in four years, GW was elected into office for a second term. And the GOP gained majority in both the House and the Senate.  ( Article *Link*:  )

I voted for Kerry after all and almost straight Democrat,  save for the 3 Independent candidates on the ballot.  What a horrific morning to witness a dire future for all Americans.

With 4 Supreme Court justices slated to retire this year, Bush is said to plan in nominating 4 conservative, anti~choice, candidates to the bench.
If that happens, Roe V. Wade faces a possible over turn. Which means womens rights will take two steps back.

Goddess save America!

[size=10]*article link edit*[/size]


Ocean, you did the right thing, as many others did - but it just wasn\'t enough.  They got out their "Morality" banner and pulled all the hyper-conservative anti-intellectual stops out.

11 states voted to ban gay marriage when that wasn\'t even really a possibility in the first place - but by putting that on the ballots in those states they played the piper\'s trill to millions of little rats who harbor bigotry deep in their hearts under the guise of morality.  They were very quiet on the abortion issue, knowing that if they could just maintain power long enough they would be able to do as you say, create a nearly full conservative Supreme Court.  Our world is now their oyster.

Women, Immigrants, Gays & Lesbians, Dissenters - we are all screwed now, no dinner, no flowers, no KY.  Just the overwhelming fist of "Biblical Justice."

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Oh thank you for that upbeat optimism for my future! It\'s certainly added it\'s bit to my depressed and whining morning, as I continue to watch Fox news, MSNBC and CNN, for the closing poll tallies.

Now I await Kerry\'s concession speech to begin and right after that GW will boast another 4 years of control and fundamentalist tyranny, for America!

What the voters in those 11 States fail to realize is that they voted to suppress equality for a segment of American community and that  fundamentalist extremism is always a threat to a civilized and free society.  It\'s not just terror from the Middle East that American\'s have to fear now.  It\'s terrorism in the name of one man\'s vision of his AmeriKa, which does not include equality for all Americans or freedom from a totalitarian vision.

God\'s what can we do!? I pray it inspires those who have been complacent on the political front, to get active and pay attention to their local legislature and the National agenda. Write letters, telephone, join activist groups, especially women who care about preserving their right to protect and choose, their own reproductive future. Speak up and speak out, for freedom is never free.

Goddess Bless America and save us.... now! Right frickin now, damn it! Aaaaaaargh!


I\'m Okaaaaay!


my parents are moving to Mexico.  they want us to go too, and to talk our boys into going too - since they\'re draft age.  one of them has a pregnant girlfriend. we can\'t just leave our lives and run.  or can we?

sorry to be a downer, Ocean honey, but Pollyanna i ain\'t and never have been.  i want to run, but i want to stay and fight.  i want to quit my job and do all the painting and writing i can, crossing the country trying to bring enlightenment to the masses... but more likely i\'ll just get my ass kicked in Wyoming, one more scarecrow left to drain on the fence.

i am a fighter.  i have survived bipolar largely without meds because i won\'t let my depression kill me without a fight, so i think i can beat this.  the thing is, it\'s a nation and it\'s values pitted against a nation full of spoonfed bible thumpers.  they don\'t read the bible they thump, they just use it to thump to death anything they don\'t know or understand.

my father used to say "come the revolution."  what more does it take to get that revolution off the couch and into the streets?  how much more can we swallow, before we start to choke ourselves?

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Four more years to shake my head and say, "Well, I didn\'t vote for him!"  Grrr!  >:(

Ah well--at least I voted.   :-/
Hugs for everybody!  ;D

Bella )O(


Quotemy parents are moving to Mexico.  they want us to go too, and to talk our boys into going too - since they\'re draft age.  one of them has a pregnant girlfriend. we can\'t just leave our lives and run.  or can we?