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Music and it\'s Affects

Started by sngwthme, October 04, 2004, 10:33:03 pm

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We have all touched on our animals and how PT has affected them, I thought you all might be interested in this bit of information from a radio program that aired last night about how Music affects plants. It was very interesting. There are links to the Scientists web page and other links for related persons who have also studied this. I just love music! Enjoy.  ;D


Ive tried TDRS music on cats, dogs, flowers, and fish with varying degrees of response. Then I tried it on some Republicans... NOTHING!  DOD


why am i not surprised?!?  good of you to try though, very good of you to try.   :-*

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[glb]Quote: "Then I tried it on some Republicans... NOTHING!" [/glb]

Article excerpt: "(sic)...He suggested that plants are sentient and have the equivalence of memory and discrimination. "

I knew a woman who was friends with a researcher in the field of Biocommunication. She said that he had told her one day they decided to test to see if plants could express emotion.
A researcher from another part of the building was asked to attend the lab on the day of the experiment. The plant subject was fitted with monitors and recording devices for the ocassion.  The researcher, who had never visited that part of the building before, entered the lab and began to verbally insult the plant! He even went so far as to smack it around and pull it from it\'s pot, before shoving it back on the desk.

The recording went off the charts. This plant was , according to the results, screaming!

After the man left the area, the attendants replaced the plant in it\'s pot, spoke comforting words and basically pampered it back to a state of calm.

Three months later they asked that same scientist to return to the lab, while the plant was set to record, and just approach it, without saying a word or touching it.

He did so, and the recordings went off the charts, yet again! The plant remembered this man who had assaulted it three months before!


You know, I\'ve heard the fable that when dropped in a boiling pot, Lobsters scream.  But after my friend shared that story,  I reconsidered the ethicacy of a salad bar!


Sort of.


hmmm... there are some people who feel less than plants and they were not all republicans, some simply had no political conscience at all.  

oh, wait, is that redundant?   ;)

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Quote: "Then I tried it on some Republicans... NOTHING!"
Perhaps they need that ultrasonic mind exploding tone Travis was talking about........

There is a tree just outside my gate in back that I have adopted. A fully grown tree, probably as old as I, that had been very sorely neglected. Some of you may know that here in Las Vegas water is a precious commodity and therefore restrictions are in place to help, but unfortunately to the demise of most outdoor nature. My heart breaks at this. The condo complex I live in has grossly restricted water use, most tress, grass and plants have not survived this summer. Myself and a few others do as we can to help but it appears there is no relief in site. Living in the desert this is a reality you live with but it sure doesn't make it any better when you can literally feel their despair and get a sense of these precious trees and plants are in dire straights. The tree I was talking of was basically dead. Having several dead branches that needed to be removed, I decided that not being cared for was traumatic enough so just left them for the summer and began to water and spend time with the tree. I gave it new soil covering it\'s dried exposed roots and have watered it everyday. We even talk. Silly I know but I have always had a knack for talking to trees. Just put your hand on them and you can feel them breath. Well.. the tree perked up and sprouted on it\'s good branches and has done very very well, has gotten really green. I know it is still sick and i wll keep working with it but it appears to be happier.
At night when I sit on my patio I usually have my music on so the tree can hear it, sometimes I imagine when the wind is blowing that it is dancing because it is so happy. I play misic and water and give love to all my plants, as my patio is a jungle, and I really think it has helped them stay alive and flourish. Soon it will be time to remove the dead areas of the tree but I think we, me and the tree, are at a point in our relationship that the tree trusts that I am not going to hurt it. :)


you are a kind and gentle soul, SNGWTHME, and all of nature can feel that.   :-*

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I have a large Tree in my garden that is basically dying. It\'s riddle with rotten wood & is leaning over towards a neighbours home. My dilema I get someone to chop it down...or do I let it fall down?

(((Feel so guilty)))  :-/


SNGWTHME, that was a beautiful sharing. I too love tree\'s, and I could feel the warmth of your words and the love you have for the tree and all of your plants. Thank you for warming my heart with your story, and for bringing my own precious forrest, to mind.

And Thank You for all that you do to give hope and life to the green tribe that lend their beauty and energy, unto the masterpiece of Mother Earth.


Thank you :-[ and your welcome. I try and do my part.
We all have too. We owe that to mother earth, I wish her to know that not all are out to destroy her.
I love to be outside in the world. There is nothing more fulfilling then walking barefoot on the earth and being a part in the landscape. No matter where you may be.

Ocean, That is a beautiful tree. Did you paint that?

m4sure, you said basically dieing, remember nature always has a way of suprising us. I bet if you gave it a little attention you could wake it up.  ;)


Oh and m4sure, just a suggestion, from an insurance point of view, that is my business. Don\'t let the tree fall in the neighbors yard, especially if it is next to any buildings or a fence it could knock down.  :-/


m4sure, i would say also from a kindness point of view you should take the tree down.  my thought being that prolonging its suffering is no way to show your love for a tree any more than for a beloved person or pet.

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Quote: [glb]"Ocean, That is a beautiful tree. Did you paint that? " [/glb]

No I did not. It\'s saved to my image file, as I posted it on a MB long ago. And now,  I can not find the source link in my files.  :-/  

I\'m glad you like it though.  I thought it appropriate to the reply, because I also think it\'s a beautiful work of art.  


Ocean you do have an amazing "portfolio" of links and images sources.  you always include clever or very pretty visuals.  there\'s a little treat in every one of your messages - eye candy if you will.

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved


I agree that plants deserve our care whenever possible and that they do respond to many types of stimuli. I have a few house plants that are from my college days, needless to say that was a while ago, that are still alive and green. I don\'t have a green thumb at all, and while the plants are not nearly as big as they should be, they still grow and do their best for me. I think our attitude of life and in life makes an impact on so much in the world that when added to necessary sustinance we can achieve great success and rewards by being caring, respectful and loving.
Remember the long ago studies of babies where one group was fed, held, talked to, sung to, etc and they thrived? Another group was only fed, and while they had adequate nutrition to grow, they did not do well. (It still turns my stomach to think of these poor babies that were treated such in the name of science) It proved conclusively that babies needed the interaction of human contact to grow and thrive. Well, I think studies have shown that plants can respond in much the same way and we can be a part of helping them to be the best they can be (wasn\'t that a slogan from the Marines?) Anyway, to all of you with green thumbs, brown thumbs and us with black thumbs (ouch), keep doing your best to pamper the earth. She needs us!

OK Ocean, where are all those cool emoticons when I need them!  ::)   (Got to learn how to use them)

For another way to experience Music and it\'s Affects:
I experienced a show called Cavalia. I say experienced because it was a combination of music, horses, riders, acrabats, dancers, and more and was just amazing.   ::)
It is performing in San Diego, Calif (Del Mar exactly) until 10-15-04 and next in Santa Monica (near LA, Caif) and if you have the chance to see it, you won\'t be dissapointed. The performers are mainly from Montreal and other parts of Canada so maybe some of you up there have already seen the show. They have extended their engagement 5 times already here in San Diego it has been so popular. There is even a CD of their music to the show, they have a live band playing the whole time! I\'m gong for a second time I loved it so much. For info you can go to
Music, horses, talented people makes for a great time!