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Started by sngwthme, September 20, 2004, 08:16:14 pm

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Buckethead, Henry, Travis and Viggo....I want to thank you for the opportunity you have provided in sharing your creative collaboration once again via Please Tomorrow. I bid you congratulations on a completed venture well done. I have thoroughly enjoyed experiencing this journey with you. It is not often that a piece of work such as this encourages the mind to move, with every twist and turn of imagination and musical imagery you have transported me through this night. I anxiously await the future paths that you will take and hope that once again you will allow us, me, the chance to read that story. I tip my hat to you all.  



OHmigosh i can\'t wait til christmas.  The spending has been extravagant (i\'m the "collector" of the family), so that AND population override are in the closet.

*sits impatiently*


Bravo to all involved in Please Tomorrow.
I usually listen to CDs in bits but this one is so much MORE taken as a whole; it fills your mind, you sense time passing ...

Travis THANKS for the heads up on the cello. I "play" viola and I wasn\'t quite sure. Thanatopsis is next then.

Must confess I started this journey when I found your name on the Recent Forgeries CD, then BB, The Other Parade and PfA. Just got Bucketheadland2 but I missed the recent Giant Robot gig in NYC and Eliza Gillykson in Nyack (oof, just shoot me now but at least my kitchen didn\'t get struck by lightning like it did when Exene played in NYC).

Keep up the good work!